Students and Midterms (Not the Academic Kind)

by Dylan Sherman Many tired faces have been forcing themselves to stay awake as of late, staring into an open abyss– a television. The information is vicious, swallowing its viewers whole, as the… Continue reading

The Art of Teaching Film

By Angelica Alatriste and Freya Golden He wears a red-checkered button up and an animated expression. The pendant of keys around his neck jangle with each expansive gesture, as he commands his remarkably… Continue reading

Inside the Instrumental Studio

by Maya Held, Linden Runnels and Nicolas Rimalovski The time is 7:55 a.m. and students are filing through the main glass doors of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), rushing to get… Continue reading

Inside the Drama Studio

By Dylan Sherman                                                             … Continue reading

Inside the Vocal Studio

by Kailee Ortiz Every day the students at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) face the plastered magenta and orange words: “Get lost in what you love,” a virtue in the vocal… Continue reading

Inside the Art Studio

by Hala Salem Coming up the mountainous eight flights of stairs to reach the fifth floor, lungs out of breath, students make it to their studio art class. A room stands in the… Continue reading

Greenlit: 5 Senior Horror Films, One Epic Halloween Premiere 

By Lucy Karp  Brown cowboy boots clack on the floor as a blond teen with smudged eyeliner, a bright red crop top and bell bottom jeans slugs into journalism class. She wears black… Continue reading

The Revival of FSSA’s School Events: Block Party

by Jordyn Benda and Andrea Morelos with Maya Held, Kailee Ortiz Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) officially turned over a new leaf with post-Covid school events. On Friday, September 16th, FSSA… Continue reading

Teens, Vaping and FSSA

Senior journalism students Rodolfo Rodriguez, Emmett Bowman-Grubbs and Ansel Stover-Whilden spoke to Principal Frankel and Mr. Mwaniki, Assistant Principal of Equity and Inclusion, about vaping, teens and how the practice affects students at… Continue reading

How To Get A Job: A Guide For Teens

by Julia Klimek Young people just don’t want to work anymore and Gen Z is lazy, are phrases that much of the older generation have been saying lately. However, this isn’t true. Young… Continue reading