Behind the Scenes of Prom

By: Andrea Morelos FSSA’s prom venue in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. As the weeks of rain and 40° weather come to an end in New York City, summer’s creeping up fast on the… Continue reading

Gustavo Dudamel: Genius or Opportunist?

by Linden Runnels With his dazzling curly hair and charismatic personality, Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel seems to be a much needed breath of fresh air in the often stuffy and pretentious world of… Continue reading

The Things we Keep

by Zoe Byszynski In my room, in my closet, on my shelf, in a box is my time capsule. I created it at the start of the pandemic and promised myself I wouldn’t… Continue reading

From Camp to Center Stage: ROCK ON!

By Danielle Levitin and Payton McHugh In the heart of New York City’s vibrant music scene, a three-member girl rock band has emerged, captivating audiences with their electrifying sound. The band, Drop Dead… Continue reading

Trans Teens Speak Out Against Hormone Bans Across the U.S.

by Shua Alatriste Since January of this year, 10 states have instituted laws prohibiting individuals under 18 from accessing gender affirming care. For trans youth, physically transitioning has become a widespread controversy amongst… Continue reading

FSSA’s Banjo-Slinger: Nora Brown

by Freya Golden Nora Brown with her banjo in her Crown Heights home.  If you have ever passed senior vocalist Nora Brown in the hallway, you might have complimented her bright, stitched sweaters,… Continue reading

Take The Moment And Taste It

by Lucy Karp A look into the thoughts of a so-called “die-hard Swiftie,” and her experience at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour “So make the friendship bracelets, Take the moment and taste it…”… Continue reading

FSSA’s Production of Carrie is a Hit

by Dylan Sherman Last year following the final performance of RENT, many in the audience were surprised when Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ (FSSA) musical theater director, Dr. Cacciola Price (CP), announced the… Continue reading

Goodbye to All That: Leaving a New York City Art School

By Dylan Sherman         “It is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends.” – Joan Didion, Goodbye to All That.  We entered art school at fourteen, and though… Continue reading

FSSA’s First Town Hall Smaller than Expected

by Nathan McBride Locking bathrooms, ID checks and lack of accessibility. What do these topics all have in common? They were all expected to be addressed at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’… Continue reading