Broadway, Here we Come

On January 30th, 2017 during a school assembly kicking off the spring semester the stage was filled with joyous screams from students, as their theatre teacher, Mr. Cacciola-Price announced to the whole cast,… Continue reading

Sgt. Pepper Turns 50

In 1967, the Beatles were perhaps the most well-known band in the world. Ever since their debut album, Please Please Me, they became instant stars, well-known because of their rockabilly music, their suits… Continue reading

From Vocal Major to FSSA Assistant Principal

His office looks like any ordinary assistant principal’s office: The wooden desk, the big comfy spinning chair, the big bowl of Lifesaver mints, and pictures of school events. He wears his business casual… Continue reading

A Gallery Comes to the Black Box Theatre

For a majority of the year, the first floor black box theatre serves as a classroom for the drama and musical theatre students of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. However, it was… Continue reading

Responding to the Inauguration Through Post-Its

In the open minded and socially accepting walls of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), students expressed themselves over now current president Donald J. Trump and found comfort the day before the… Continue reading

Meet the FSSA Student Government

Much like in our country, in school, students need representatives who depict their ideas and want to represent them. Lloyd Ansah, President, Lindsay Walker, Vice President, Vanessa Gapa, Treasurer and Sophia Kazee, Secretary… Continue reading

For 2017, a ’90s Reboot

It’s officially 2017 and with the New Year brings new trends, new gossip and new staples to your closet. Fashion bloggers across the world have already begun posting their “do’s and don’ts” in… Continue reading

Steppin’ Out With My Baby Music Video


FSSA Hosts Tony Bennett Birthday Concert

A palpable atmosphere of excitement was felt last night at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), as Grammy Award-winning vocalist and artist, Tony Bennett, was welcomed with open arms and endless selfies… Continue reading

The Changing Views of Internet Relationships

With the increase of social media users rising each day, a new way of building relationships is being brought into the spotlight. Whether or not, it is safe, real, or beneficial in any… Continue reading