The Success of Elden Ring and What it Means for Gaming

by Jamie Bobko and Eason Dai Elden Ring, the latest game in the Souls series, notorious for its immense difficulty and steep skill-curve, has blown away critics and fans alike with not only… Continue reading

Opinion: Who Matters More? The People, or Their Comfort?

By Oona Dalzell-Sexton In this semi-dystopian world we live in, masks have become the social norm. We as a people are no longer used to a world without masks. And rightfully so, considering… Continue reading

“If You See Something, Say Nothing”: An Open Letter To My Peers

by Marco Ammann-Bianciardi I have begun to write this on the 9th day of Russia’s imperialist exercise in brutality on Ukraine. Yesterday the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was fired upon and then captured… Continue reading

The Moop Corner

by Michaela Cudjoe

More and More Young People Watch Live Stream Gambling

By Emmett Bowman-Grubbs On January 9th, 2022 sports betting became legal in New York State, since then, a massive rise in betting among teens has taken place. Sports betting is a different shade… Continue reading

Have we Really Returned to School?

by Sasha Rabinowitz In September of 2021, students and teachers alike returned to school after more than a year of online education. Juniors and Sophomores entered the building for what seemed like the… Continue reading

Have the Oscars Become Obsolete?

by Kali Tapper At one point, The Oscars were the highest award a filmmaker could receive. The excitement leading up to them was so great, that the months from early November to Mid-March… Continue reading

FSSA’s Rent: What has changed since 2015?

by Brianna Almonte As the opening night of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ (FSSA) production of Rent comes closer, students often ask cast members within the musical how and why certain shows… Continue reading

Opinion: Should Masks Remain Required in NYC Schools?

by Sasha Rabinowitz and Briana Almonte On February 10th, New York joined New Jersey in repealing a COVID-19 requirement that required face coverings in most indoor public places — but will keep masking… Continue reading

Opinion: Before We Drop the Mandates, Let’s Drop the Act

by Kaylin Ruiz It’s safe to say that we’re all tired of wearing masks. They’re uncomfortable, hurt our ears, and get way too hot and sweaty after wearing them for too long. And… Continue reading