The First Gen Student Experience

By Mia Reese Bravo From across the ocean, America, Land of the Free, beckons to those who are in search of new opportunities, attracted by the prospect of a new beginning in an… Continue reading

The Moop Corner

By Michaela Cudjoe

Sounds Around Sinatra

Compiled by Briana Almonte At Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), one can find themselves in a trance as they walk through the stairwell or pass by the classrooms of the Instrumental… Continue reading

FSSA Welcomes Mr. Mullany

by Brianna Almonte Mr. Mullany nervously stood at the edge of the piano in the music theory room: “I am so nervous I have never been interviewed like this before,” he said. It… Continue reading

COVID Revived Pokémon Go

By Andy Yang In the atrium of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), you can find groups of students sitting in packs helping one another raid local “gyms,” taking turns placing magnets… Continue reading

Students Share Opinions on FSSA’s Sex Education

by Sasha Rabinowitz and Bettirose Epstein Teen pregnancy and STD transmission are issues that young people will always have to face. It is important that teenagers in high school are properly educated on… Continue reading

COVID Forces Students and Faculty to Face a New “Normal”

by Faith Mosley and Jackson Moore The rippling effects of COVID-19 will remain with schools and students for a long time.  COVID-19 affects student populations in New York City in a variety of… Continue reading

FSSA Alumnus Partners with LIFEWTR

by Maeve Gopeesingh Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) has had many talented and successful alumni over the years accomplish incredible things with talents that were encouraged and grown throughout the school… Continue reading

Will Students Be Able To Go On School Trips Again?

By: Nora Delehanty Museums, parks, and Broadway shows are field trips that are familiar to students city-wide. However, students in NYC have not been able to go on any field trips ever since… Continue reading

Is TikTok ruining music?

by Adamaris Sanchez, Kaylin Ruiz, Abraham Sexton The role of social media in entertainment is changing, and the music industry is changing with it as well. The highly successful social media platform TikTok… Continue reading