You’re Not Alone

As we continue through lockdown in NYC, everything is still uncertain. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week, let alone in the next month or so. While we focus on the… Continue reading

The Birth of the Pandemic Drawing Club

With days melding into each other as quickly as rolling out of bed, there appears to be a common feeling of dread. Dread of another day stuck indoors. Whether it be lounging about… Continue reading

New Games Offer Glimmer of Hope

As students and workers take shelter in their homes during quarantine, a new has problem has arisen once they began to settle: boredom.  However that didn’t last long as Doom Eternal and Animal… Continue reading

Quarantine Induced Thoughts

Now more than ever, the thoughts about going out to eat at a restaurant or taking the simple visit to the mall increases by the day and it physically hurts to think about… Continue reading

Opinion: FSSA Should Offer More Foreign Languages

On the first day of orientation in 9th grade, I was put into a classroom with students who would eventually become my collaborators for various film projects during my years at Frank Sinatra… Continue reading

Inspecting Interiors: Quarantine Edition

During these times, the sun goes down without warning. We are forces to realize the spaces we call home, how we move about our kitchens, shared rooms and small hallways now that we… Continue reading

#SinatraStrong Keeps FSSA’s Performing Arts Alive

After careful deliberation, Mayor Bill de Blasio set forth on closing the nation’s largest public school system on March 15th, 2020. With that, more than 1,700 schools in the NYC area were subject… Continue reading

The Lights are Down on Broadway

On March 12th, NYC mayor Bill De Blasio ordered all Broadway shows to suspend performances for a month due to COVID-19. This event is monumental and unfamiliar to the Broadway community, which is… Continue reading

FSSA Senior Vocal Major Records Song

FSSA Senior vocal major Roseangel Conde and her brother recorded a special song during these tough times. Click below to hear/see the video.  

Lights! Camera! Live-Stream?

It’s much easier for people to disregard the validity of something when it doesn’t affect them personally. It’s a way to deflect from reality and keep them from popping the bubble with which… Continue reading