Podcast: The Life of a Woman

Created by Edona Hasanaj Let’s talk about what life is like for teenage girls right now. Listen to The Life of a Woman below on Spotify, created by Frank Sinatra School of the… Continue reading

Do We Really Need Regents Exams?

Analysis by Adamaris Sanchez The Short Answer: Yes, No, Maybe So The cancellation of the U.S History and Government Regents this past week has raised concern among our school population, and brings up… Continue reading

Sonic 2 is a Great Adaptation

by David Gomez Warning: Spoiler Alerts Below. The Video Game Curse  It’s no surprise that video game movies haven’t exactly done so well both critically and financially. But the question is why? One… Continue reading

Talking Prom at FSSA

by Anne Kump

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: FSSA’s Opinion

by Brianna Almonte Warning: Spoiler Alerts Below. The lights dim in the theater on May 6, 2022 for the release of the Doctor Strange sequel. You sit in the theater, after school, shoulder… Continue reading

Senior Reflections: 4 Years of Frank Sinatra

by Maeve Gopeesingh As the month of May passes by with AP tests, last shows and Regents coming up, one thing is on the seniors minds: Graduation. As seniors inch closer to the… Continue reading


By Julia Klimek As May 1st comes rolling around the corner for the Class of 2022, senior jitters are beginning to hit and adulthood is starting to become a reality for students. After… Continue reading

FSSA Students and Staff talk Creative Clog

Created by Andy Qiu

The Queer Americana: It’s a Rom-com About Pirates

by Marco Ammann-Bianciardi On March 24th, 2022, when Blackbeard and the Gentleman Pirate kissed in front of a sunset, the internet exploded. “Our Flag Means Death,” the HBO show which featured the kiss,… Continue reading

Seniors Face Fears for Their Future

by Haeyeon Kang Seniors are being faced with the tough reality of closing a huge chapter in their lives and entering a new one. Fear has been consuming the students with so many… Continue reading