FSSA Honored at HS Journalism Awards

The Bennett, the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ school newspaper was recently honored at the 13th Annual Baruch College High School Journalism Awards and Conference in NYC. The Bennett received second place… Continue reading

Moments in the Morning

  You always think it is going to be a simple commute: 25 minutes, nine stops, six blocks, one train. You’ll get a seat, mind your own business, and go unbothered until you reach… Continue reading

Is Being Driven to School Really a Luxury?

7:15 in the morning, driving down Astoria Boulevard — it seems like everyone is on the road at the same time today. The surround sound speakers in the car are playing music from… Continue reading

Donald J. Trump

Guest Speaker Brings Penguin Poetry Contest to the Library

On October 20, 2016 Richard Hoehler a writer, actor, and teacher visited Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ library on behalf of the Penguin Random House Publishing Creative Writing Contest. This contest gives… Continue reading

It’s time for you to vote for President: Click here to cast your ballot

There is Only One Tony

If Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, and many other all-stars attended your 90th birthday celebration, then your name must be Tony Bennett. On Thursday September 15th, Tony Bennett was able to celebrate… Continue reading

8 Days in Italy

As a senior in high school who has studied art intensively over the past 4 years, I quickly realized that nothing prepared me for the excitement of sitting down and drawing all across… Continue reading

The Cost of College

These days, many teenagers will choose to go to college to work towards a career they want to pursue. Teenagers are also told to get an education in college, and many studies claim… Continue reading

Saying Farewell to the Frank

Steady, constant, fierce untamed and above all it isn’t something that can ever be fully understood nor beaten… It can be used for vast possibilities on a person life and where they take… Continue reading