Students Share Opinions on FSSA’s Sex Education

by Sasha Rabinowitz and Bettirose Epstein Teen pregnancy and STD transmission are issues that young people will always have to face. It is important that teenagers in high school are properly educated on… Continue reading

COVID Forces Students and Faculty to Face a New “Normal”

by Faith Mosley and Jackson Moore The rippling effects of COVID-19 will remain with schools and students for a long time.  COVID-19 affects student populations in New York City in a variety of… Continue reading

FSSA Alumnus Partners with LIFEWTR

by Maeve Gopeesingh Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) has had many talented and successful alumni over the years accomplish incredible things with talents that were encouraged and grown throughout the school… Continue reading

Will Students Be Able To Go On School Trips Again?

By: Nora Delehanty Museums, parks, and Broadway shows are field trips that are familiar to students city-wide. However, students in NYC have not been able to go on any field trips ever since… Continue reading

Is TikTok ruining music?

by Adamaris Sanchez, Kaylin Ruiz, Abraham Sexton The role of social media in entertainment is changing, and the music industry is changing with it as well. The highly successful social media platform TikTok… Continue reading

What is the Worst Subway Line in NYC? 

by Julia Klimek and Vanessa Zevallos The MTA New York City Subway System has been around since 1904 and has changed drastically since then. It’s considered to be one of the world’s oldest… Continue reading

The Cancellation of the Winter Concert

by The Bennett Staff (period 5) At 9:40 this morning, students were settling into their third period classes when the microphone crackled over the loudspeakers. Tension thickened as Mr. Frankel requested all students… Continue reading

Mounting Stress for Seniors

by Edona Hasanaj and Rodolfo Rodriguez A Calc quiz, the upcoming big show, the pandemic, an AP project: Everyone has experienced some factor that contributes to personal stress levels. Mental and emotional pressure… Continue reading

Sinatra Eats: Affordable places to eat near Sinatra

By Adamaris Sanchez and Kaylin Ruiz As the school day comes to an end, many students at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) in Astoria leave feeling hungry and wanting something quick… Continue reading

Ian Thomas, King of the Equipment Room

By Zachary Lubin The equipment room, smells of mist, leather and old technology. There is film equipment everywhere, equipment on the ground, equipment on the walls, equipment on the table. No matter what… Continue reading