5 Seniors Talk about School, Quarantine and COVID-19

Listen to this great conversation by five FSSA Seniors: Nora Selim, James Leland, William Long, Corey Duncan and Willie Bowman Jr.

Dancers Should take Advantage of Live Dance Classes 

The quarantine has shown me a type of unity and strength that I have never seen before. The dance community is being forced to stay out of their studios and stuck in their… Continue reading

A Few Days in Quarantine

SUNDAY, MARCH 22ND: 1 WEEK OF QUARANTINE  After just one week of quarantine, I’m bored out of my mind and missing the take-outs and burgers at Denny’s. I find it strange how just… Continue reading

Inside NYC’s Metropolitan Hospital 

A novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has caused a public health scare throughout the world, in the United States and especially in New York State. Being the epicenter of the virus, Gov. Cuomo… Continue reading

The Switch to Social Distancing

  Within a matter of weeks modern life as we know it has been turned upside down. Businesses closed. Streets vacant. Schools empty. Sports cancelled. The common way of life for most people… Continue reading

How is NYC’s No. 1 Bagel Shop Fairing?

Senior film major, Alexa Spellman interviews her father, Scott Spellman, owner of Utopia Bagels, NYC’s consistently rated No. 1 bagel in the city about how the shop is fairing during the COVID-19 epidemic.… Continue reading

Listen to “Stuck” an Original Song by an FSSA Vocal Major

FSSA senior vocal major, Logan Durrah Broadnax and her father wrote and recorded “Stuck,” an original song inspired by being in quarantine.

Letters From Six Feet Away

When the school bell rang on Friday the thirteenth, we all laughed. All five of us. Five out of what should have been a class of 30. It was because of this that… Continue reading

Getting Used to a Schedule During the Pandemic

    Self-isolation and social distancing during the pandemic has given teens across the nation the opportunity to fully realize the potential of organizing a schedule and how hard is can be to… Continue reading

An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

  March 14, 2020 Dear Mr. Mayor – Your decision not to close NYC public schools amid this unpredictable COVID-19 outbreak is not only unimaginably unwise it is unequivocally wrong. By keeping 1.1… Continue reading