Bruno Zero Makes More Than Just Movies

FSSA sophomore film student Bruno Zero is more than just a movie maker.

After a glance around his bedroom the picturesque look with its beige couch, a silver clothing rack filled with designer pieces and a make shift counter exploding with sneakers made by brands from Nike to the acclaimed Raf Simon, you would think he was pursuing a  career in fashion. But, after cruising through his SoundCloud you would swear that his passion was in the art of producing. Come across his SD card, and you would be given a ticket into the movies that help create his life. As far as his talents go, they are never ending.

A whiz with a camera, a master with the beats and a professor of style, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) sophomore film student, Bruno Zero is a clear representation of a modern artist. Described as a person that uses and discovers his talents to the fullest, Bruno exemplifies what it means to be a modern day teen.

Growing up in an artistic family, Bruno was always encouraged to pursue his dream and ideas. His first being creative writing, which he was drawn to based off of his ability to tell stories well and keep an audience’s interest. One can clearly see this represented in his films as many of them include unique story lines.

“Being a film major has only strengthened my appreciation for film,” he says and adds that he focuses on the human experience.

When walking down the street it is rare that he can pass a block without repeating a line made famous by Nas or the Beastie Boys or his personal favorite, Wu-Tang. Music is a vital part of Bruno’s’ life, and what was once a hobby can now possibly be a career.

Bruno remembers a time where him and his friend would hang out and think to make silly music, just based off of what they were feeling. Like most inventions this accident turned into a masterpiece. In playing around with friends, Bruno found a future career path.

“I spend about two hours during the week and practically my whole weekend either working with rappers, or working on new beats,” he said.

Bruno is obviously dedicated, but if one thinks he is too consumed by music for anything else they are mistaken.

Moschino, Helmut Lang, Theory, Dior and Prada are just a few of the designers you can find Bruno sporting on the daily. With a huge inspiration from his father, Bruno describes his style as spontaneous, which can be backed up by ever changing themes. Although fashion is just a hobby for the innovative teen, it is shown off as a passion. Bruno specifies that he lives by the capital “F” fashion rule. He thinks stores like Forever 21 and H&M take the easy road to fashion. But Bruno appreciates the quality and the thought put into the clothes that he sports.

In the future, Bruno sees himself producing and working with big time artists. But, he will never leave his love of fashion behind and he plans to regularly tap into his film fanatic nature.

– by Xavier Means ‘18