SUS: Student Profile


What’s your favorite memory of freshman year?

My favorite memory from freshman year would probably be reading Lord Of

The Flies in English. I had read the book before, but never analyzed it the way we did

in class. It has since become one of my favorite reads, and has sparked my interest in

pursuing writing.


What’s your hobby outside of school?

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate ideas to people with different mindsets or

languages. With photography, I can communicate what I want with what I create. I

can express an emotion, theme, or story in a singular photo. I love making people feel

something from my work.


If you were an element which one would you be and why?

Water. I’ve always felt connected to the ocean and bodies of freshwater. There’s

something really calming about the sound of flowing water. I think there’s strength in

water, found in storms and floods, yet peace as well, found in still lakes waterfalls.

– Joey Solomon, senior drama major


Interviewed by Winston Klapper ’15