It was Back to Basics for Parents

Ms. Epstein talking to parents during one of her studio classes.

Ms. Epstein talking to parents during one of her studio classes.


On Thursday October 2nd at 6:00pm the halls of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) were filled with teachers, students, and what seemed like older freshman. These freshman seemed lost and tired as they tried to find the way to their classes, however, they weren’t freshman at all; instead they were parents and guardians attending the first ever “Follow Your Child’s Schedule” open school night.

As the parents arrived to school they had to pick up their child’s schedule in the atrium, then at 6:00pm sharp the first bell rang and five minutes later the late bell rang making almost every parent late for their first class. The teachers gave an overview of what the first semester would contain and what rules their children had to follow in his or her class. The parents spent 10 minutes in each class, every free period in the library, and their child’s lunch period in the cafeteria.

“I feel that my child’s classes are challenging, have broadened her horizons, and have made her a more mature person. I think that the teachers love what they do and it shows in their attitude and quality of their work,” says Mrs.Combs mother of senior vocal major Moriah Combs.

Aside from academic classes many parents were also impressed with their child’s studio and how much time they put into their art form. When asked how much has changed since they’ve been in high school they said that their high school can’t even compare to Frank Sinatra. They love coming to the concerts, art exhibits, and seeing their child take a new found love to the performing arts world. The musical theatre production of Rent also has many parents counting down the days until the big show.

Parents shuffling from class to class.

Parents shuffling from class to class.

“I am excited for the whole aspect of Rent,” says Mrs. Rana mother of junior vocal major Anthony Rana. “I look forward to every performance that I’ve seen since my child has been here, but I’m more elated this year because my son is in the musical.”

After the last period of the day parents left with a new understanding of what their child goes through every day and according to algebra teacher, Ms.Ruiz that was the whole point.

“I loved having an event like this because it seemed like a lot of the parents didn’t know the basic information that was in the syllabus or what is posted on pupilpath,” says Ms. Ruiz. “Lots of parents didn’t even know about pupilpath, so I think it’s a great way for the parents to come in an informative manner and get more involved with their child’s studies.”

After going up five flights of stairs (more than once) the parents left, not only tired, but with an understanding of what their child goes through in school. Unfortunately, students might not be able to sneak a bad grade past their parents because parents now know how to use pupilpath if they didn’t before.

Although this was the first “Follow Your Child’s Schedule” open school night, another session with parents going back to school will be held during the spring term.

— by  Juliana Betancur ’15