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FSSA Senior Vocal Major Records Song

FSSA Senior vocal major Roseangel Conde and her brother recorded a special song during these tough times. Click below to hear/see the video.  

Lights! Camera! Live-Stream?

It’s much easier for people to disregard the validity of something when it doesn’t affect them personally. It’s a way to deflect from reality and keep them from popping the bubble with which… Continue reading

5 Seniors Talk about School, Quarantine and COVID-19

Listen to this great conversation by five FSSA Seniors: Nora Selim, James Leland, William Long, Corey Duncan and Willie Bowman Jr.

Dancers Should take Advantage of Live Dance Classes 

The quarantine has shown me a type of unity and strength that I have never seen before. The dance community is being forced to stay out of their studios and stuck in their… Continue reading

Listen to “Stuck” an Original Song by an FSSA Vocal Major

FSSA senior vocal major, Logan Durrah Broadnax and her father wrote and recorded “Stuck,” an original song inspired by being in quarantine.