Among Us Holiday Edition

FSSA Key Club

The members of the  Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ (FSSA) Key Club recently gathered through a Zzoom call for an interview to discuss current events, their achievements, and the near future of… Continue reading

Yung Phily: The story of a Canarsie Creative

Philip Provilus, professionally known as Yung Phily, is a 17-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer who captures his appreciation of living in New York City through his photoshoots with friends or acquaintances he connects with through… Continue reading

Feed the Frontlines is Helping NYC

While it looks like NYC restaurants are on the verge of closing for indoor dining once again, on March 15, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced all restaurants and bars to be shut… Continue reading

It’s Hard to Stay Creative in These Times

Many students believe that art majors at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) have it easy during the pandemic because unlike all of the other majors, it does not require a lot… Continue reading

Among Us

How Gen-Z and Millennial’s Reacted to the Pandemic

As the world shut down because of the Coronavirus, we experienced generational shifts between how the Millennials and Gen Z reacted to the world’s pandemic and their individual experiences facing this deadly virus.… Continue reading

Is Social Media Influencing Teens Too Much?

Social media is an important tool for a variety of people. Some use it to promote brands, communicate with friends and to collaborate. However, as younger generations joined social media, it’s clear to… Continue reading

For Now, Life is on Pause

It’s not easy to be trapped in a room full of slow Wi-Fi and distractions. It’s not easy to connect with people online when you’re on mute most of the time. This pandemic… Continue reading

How to Make Student Films During a Pandemic

Since its inception, film and the process of creating movies has always been a team effort. You need a crew full of dedicated members, all passionate about their specific role on set, to… Continue reading