In My School –’s Podcast Series

The Bennett ( is proud to present: In My School, a semi-sometimes podcast featuring the people who make your day. In this 1st episode of In My School we take a look inside… Continue reading

What Parasite’s Win Means for Diversity

On February 9th, 2020 Parasite became the first film made in a language other than English to ever win the Academy award for Best Picture. While the night was one of winners, no… Continue reading

Opinion: The (Almost) Soldiers of the Third World War

It’s been some days since the last constitutional crisis … I think. To tell you the truth, it’s getting pretty hard to keep track of it all. You must forgive me for my… Continue reading

Introducing: Inspecting Interiors – a monthly FSSA perspective

Inspecting Interiors: The Atrium Highschool is complicated. In taking a closer look at the routine that engulfs our day-to-day, we often forget that the things we are experiencing will soon become memories that… Continue reading

The Lost Form of Communication

In this day and age, most of us have some form of materialistic values, usually revolving around the latest iPhone or some other piece of technology. However, this desire to acquire goods may… Continue reading

Babylon, U.S.A: Or Why I love NYC

Frankenstein fell asleep on the R train next to the lady with the wart on her nose. He wore a suit, and carried a bag, and had a watch, and in about 5.7 minutes… Continue reading

New Year, New Trends

From the revival of Juicy Couture to chunky Fila shoes, 2019 has sent the fashion industry scouring past decades for what the next major comeback will be. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen… Continue reading

Is Sinatra Worth the Commute?

With the auditions for the incoming class of 2024 wrapped up for this year and the first semester coming to an end for current students, many are reflecting back on their time at… Continue reading

What’s in a Decade: Design Edition

The 2010’s was an era of shift, change and innovation. From the start of the decade aspects of music, technology and trends made dramatic shifts from the norm of the 2000s, changing the… Continue reading

What’s in a Decade: Gaming Edition

In a world where technological advancements are the new trend of the decade, people tend to take these strides for granted. With the size of devices shrinking and the efficiency skyrocketing, technology is… Continue reading