Kung Fu Tea NYC

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Review: Bravely Default II

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Review: Madison Beer’s Life Support

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The Speeches I Would Like to Give

I am the oldest child of teenage parents. Against their parents’ advice my mother and father dropped out of high school to raise me and give me a better life. I have always… Continue reading

2020: The Year That Affected us All

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Tackling the College Essay

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January Regents Tests Canceled

In November of 2020, The New York State Board of Regents announced the termination of the January 2021 Regents Examination. This is the third Regents cancelled due to restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic,… Continue reading

Is it Safe to Get a Haircut During the Pandemic?

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How High School Musicians are Dealing with College Auditions

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The Pandemic Has Altered Our Sleeping Habits

BROOKLYN — Anaya Lumsden, age 17, wakes up groggy, and exhausted at 9:52am for her third period English class. She’s backed up on classwork and has completely lost her energy for the whole… Continue reading