WandaVision Review

Earlier this year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) released a miniseries titled  “WandaVision,” written by Jac Shaeffer and being directed by Matt Shakman.   In this miniseries, exclusively on Disney +, Elizabeth Olsen and… Continue reading

Of Interest: Pinterest

Pinterest, is an app that is known to be a social media without the social. It’s considered a new form of therapy for anyone. The app created by Ben Silbermann, is a series… Continue reading

Review: Lupin

SPOILER WARNING The recently released Netflix original series “Lupin” is an astounding tale of a Senegalese immigrant boy avenging the death of his father, and exposing the corruption of a rich family, through… Continue reading

Lancey Foux: Hip Hop’s Underground Superstar

The Hip-Hop scene is growing non-stop and seems to be the top genre choice for today’s youth. Usually fans expect the next buzzing rapper to be from places like Atlanta, New York or… Continue reading

Learning to Drive During Covid Times

Covid-19 has postponed events all around the world from movie releases to school openings. And the list of the things that should’ve happened during the time in which the pandemic has gone on… Continue reading

Review: Omori

Omori is an indie psychological horror role-playing game released on steam and made available for the PC on December 25th, 2020.  This is a game where you’re stuck between both dream and reality… Continue reading

Duplicate Stories and The End of Romantic Comedies

Netflix’s new selection of original rom-com trilogies have introduced a stereotypical formula that they will try to recycle for ages. And Here’s the hard part: It’s going to work.  Netflix recently released sequels… Continue reading

Kali Uchis’ Sin Miedo

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American artist who is becoming rising star. She specializes in Latin music, specifically R&B, but has stated that she doesn’t stick to one genre, and that she’ll produce anything… Continue reading

Kung Fu Tea NYC

Bubble tea is something that is arguably a New York essential. Regardless of your occupation, bubble tea is something that everyone can enjoy, as there is such an abundance and variety of shops… Continue reading

Review: Bravely Default II

What would you do if you thought your life ended at sea, only to find yourself alive but in a world of impending calamity? As fate draws you to save this world, maybe… Continue reading