Among Us

How Gen-Z and Millennial’s Reacted to the Pandemic

As the world shut down because of the Coronavirus, we experienced generational shifts between how the Millennials and Gen Z reacted to the world’s pandemic and their individual experiences facing this deadly virus.… Continue reading

Is Social Media Influencing Teens Too Much?

Social media is an important tool for a variety of people. Some use it to promote brands, communicate with friends and to collaborate. However, as younger generations joined social media, it’s clear to… Continue reading

For Now, Life is on Pause

It’s not easy to be trapped in a room full of slow Wi-Fi and distractions. It’s not easy to connect with people online when you’re on mute most of the time. This pandemic… Continue reading

How to Make Student Films During a Pandemic

Since its inception, film and the process of creating movies has always been a team effort. You need a crew full of dedicated members, all passionate about their specific role on set, to… Continue reading

Working the Election Polls

From October 23 to November 3, 2020, I had to stand outside for 10-12 hours each day through the rain and cold weather: And It may have been one of the best experiences… Continue reading

Do Blue Light Glasses Really work?

Amidst this whole pandemic everyone’s whole life has turned digital. This being said, we really have no idea how in the long term this could affect our vision as a population. Despite studies… Continue reading

FSSA On It’s Way to Becoming an Anti-Racist Institution

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ (FSSA) Anti-Racism committee is in full swing after a year of tragic events affecting the world and many minority groups. Ending off the summer after experiencing the… Continue reading

How Small Businesses are Adapting to the Pandemic

Working in a small business has been challenging for many workers and owners and many are trying new things to adapt and remain successful in this crazy year of quarantine. According to an… Continue reading

Among Us Emerges as Quarantine’s Favorite Game

“Among Us” is an indie game where up to 10 people can play, and features crewmates who have to complete tasks in their spaceship. However, there is an imposter among them who has… Continue reading