“Onto the L Train”

I actually did something, I rode the L train. I hope you get to read this… I told a little white lie to Christine. I honestly wasn’t feeling well. Physically, I was fine… Continue reading

100 Percent Possible

The struggle with graduating on time is a fear for every senior. Seniors  around the country are diagnosed with “senioritis” and are unable to put their full 100 percent effort into their studies… Continue reading

Little Shop of Horrors Trailer

There’s a Journalist in You, Let Mr. Scheiner Bring it out

Have you ever noticed injustices in the school and wanted to say something and be heard? Or have you wanted to announce a big event, but didn’t know how? Well then, journalism is… Continue reading

Student Film Goes Abuzz Online

February 13th, 2014 was one of the worst snow days New York City has seen this year. Instead staying home despite the treacherous weather conditions, film senior Christine went to school (which was… Continue reading

The Most Frigid Weather in Two Decades

For New York City residents, winter began with a gradual drop of the temperature, until the weather heavily plunged into the single digits in January, whipping up the coldest air in two decades.… Continue reading

Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready

With the second month of the year coming to end, and the workload already accumulating in the new semester, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is holding it’s first dance of the year… Continue reading

Love is in the Air?

Interviews by Juliana Durrant ’16 Name: Jacqueline Millery Grade: Sophomore Studio: Drama Have you ever been in love? “Yes.” What’s your ideal/perfect date? “Um, take me out to eat, buy me stuff, yeah… Continue reading

Meet the Girls Who Code

A few weeks ago, the nearly empty halls of FSSA really started to become occupied with students and faculty. As each floor would get more crowded with students, new ideas became prevalent. Advertisements… Continue reading


“If you could go to any other school other than Frank Sinatra School of The Arts, where would you go?” “Bayside high school, because of their swimming, sports program and their high academics.”… Continue reading