Lights, Camera, Andre

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ (FSSA) own super hero Andre Vazquez is more than just the guy that helps with lighting and mic set ups for shows. Mr. Vazquez is involved in… Continue reading

SUS: Student Profile

What is your passion? “Pop culture and media…movies, television, and music. That’s why all areas of performance arts interests me.” What do you like most about performance art? “You can express emotion in… Continue reading

SUS: Student Profile

  What is your favorite day of the week? “Definitely Thursday because that day reminds me of the color purple and the color purple calms me, but more blue purple than the purple… Continue reading

Names that Hurt – Shake it off


SUS: Student Profile

What’s your favorite memory of freshman year? My favorite memory from freshman year would probably be reading Lord Of The Flies in English. I had read the book before, but never analyzed it… Continue reading

More Crowded, or More Creativity?

Chatter fills the hallways as backpacks whip from all angles and floods of children are jam-packed against the wall. The students at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) seem to be having… Continue reading

The Moth Story Slam

For the 2014-2015 academic year The Moth, a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage story telling through their StorySLAM performances and competitions, has collaborated with Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) to form… Continue reading

SUS: Student Profile

Woah, look at that leg extension! You must be a dancer. How often do you stretch a day? “I don’t stretch during the day. I go to dance everyday after school, which helps… Continue reading

Have no Fear Freshmen, the Seniors are Here

During the past school years, many new students came into the building, looking lost, confused, scared, nervous, and feeling strange to the environment of this unique high school, Frank Sinatra School of the… Continue reading

Losing Teens to Technology

  Sleep deprivation has become a major occurrence among teens from all over the world. At night, instead of getting homework or studying done, or going to bed, students will take the time… Continue reading