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Today, Friday, October 30th at 3pm, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA’s) annual halloween show will stream live on the school’s website. The show features original work from the Senior Dance and… Continue reading

FSSA Film Fest Goes Virtual

Ordinarily, this past week would have been one of bliss for the Film Department at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA). After all, they’d still be reeling from celebration. At the… Continue reading

FSSA’s Never the Sinner Continues Rehearsals on Zoom

On March 12th, Governor Andrew Cuomo banned gatherings of more than 500 people. Soon after, Major Bill de Blasio closed NYC public schools for the remainder of the academic year. With that, all… Continue reading

Enduring Online Education

Life during coronavirus is filled with unknowns. People’s entire lives were turned upside down in seconds and with so many things about the future that are uncertain, our way of lives had to… Continue reading

How the Class of 2020 is Making College Decisions

What a time to be a senior in high school. With prom, graduation, and all other significant activities that made senior year special being stripped away from the class of 2020, one aspect… Continue reading

My First College Course: Rejection 101 

On paper, I was a perfect candidate. I had a shimmering SAT score, A-grades up and down my report cards, and an extracurricular list the length of a CVS receipt. I did the… Continue reading

You’re Not Alone

As we continue through lockdown in NYC, everything is still uncertain. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week, let alone in the next month or so. While we focus on the… Continue reading

The Birth of the Pandemic Drawing Club

With days melding into each other as quickly as rolling out of bed, there appears to be a common feeling of dread. Dread of another day stuck indoors. Whether it be lounging about… Continue reading

New Games Offer Glimmer of Hope

As students and workers take shelter in their homes during quarantine, a new has problem has arisen once they began to settle: boredom.  However that didn’t last long as Doom Eternal and Animal… Continue reading

Quarantine Induced Thoughts

Now more than ever, the thoughts about going out to eat at a restaurant or taking the simple visit to the mall increases by the day and it physically hurts to think about… Continue reading