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Click Here for The Names that Hurt Trailer

Getting Ready for the Names that Hurt

Every year since 2002, the sophomore drama class puts on a performance that calls attention to the bullying and peer victimization we encounter every day. The Names That Hurt is a piece that every… Continue reading

Tony Takes Center Field with Students

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ vocal students had a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing with Tony Bennett during Game 5 of the World Series between The NY Mets and the… Continue reading

The Annual Show of 1,000 Screams Comes Back in Full Force

Darkness fills the void space. An innocent girl stands alone. Her only intention was to go home – now, she is held in the dark by the hands of a serial killer. A… Continue reading

Lady Legends Finish Soccer Season

Goal. Injury. Win. The Lady Legends soccer team had an interesting season this year,  riddled with ups and downs. Mr. Billera, coach of the Lady Legends soccer team believes that no matter how… Continue reading

Vocal Majors Fly to the Moon

This past Columbus Day, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ vocal majors turned back time. The spirit of the 1940’s was evoked through song and dance from a float made for their performance in… Continue reading

Teachers Switch it up in the Classroom

  Teachers are always creating new ways to teach a subject, whether it’s changing the book you’re reading, assigning projects, planning to do a fun experiment in the lab, or even adding new… Continue reading

Combatting Art Block With Her Passion

Hui Ting Luan sits quietly in the empty art classroom, with a small paintbrush in hand, staring at a blank canvas, as the sunset from the cloudy October sky spreads across her and… Continue reading

Not only a Dancer

With a fusion of two very different ethnic backgrounds dancing through his veins and an enlightened look in his eyes, the dance captain for musical theater at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts… Continue reading

Faculty vs Students Take to the Hoops for a Cause

 On May 26th at 3:30pm students and faculty made school history. For only five dollars students got to see some of their favorite teachers go up against a few of the members of… Continue reading