FSSA PSA For the Win

A still shot from Lucy Karp’s winning PSA.

Lucy Karp, a 16 year old sophomore film student from Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), won the New York position in the national Greatest Save Organization PSA competition in late April with her PSA titled “Bridges.” The Greatest Save Organization promotes teens finding solutions to issues that directly impact them. High school students across the U.S. create 30 second messages that will speak to other teens.

FSSA film teacher, Mr. Spagnuoli, led this year’s sophomore film class in writing and directing their own public service announcements.

“Young artists are vital in conveying these messages because these PSA’s are geared towards them (by them, for them). We need something that will make people sit up and pay attention quickly. Who better to do that than our young artists,” he asks.

After spending a majority of the year focusing on technique, students like Lucy were then able to experiment with making their art focus on a good cause. Her passion for film was established in the seventh grade after taking a film elective class.

Lucy extended her passion to her submission for this year’s Greatest Save competition. Lucy’s depiction of the risks of peer pressure are both fresh and familiar, for every teen and adult that has dealt with such situations.

Her PSA displays the conflict one deals with before giving into peer pressure. Lucy explains that with her film she hopes that others can understand the severity and repercussions of ‘just one sip’ or ‘just one pill’.

“I want people to know that they can learn from their mistakes. I hope that people realize it is possible to avoid being victims and perpetrators of social pressure,” she said.

The overall focus of social pressure became central for Lucy’s PSA as it was a topic that was not only close to home for her but for teens everywhere. She knew that this is a situation that teens can understand and often have to deal with alone.

“I hope audiences will be able to connect with what I’ve created, see that you are not alone, and you do not have to feel compelled to do something you are uncomfortable with for the sake of being cool,” Lucy said.

Lucy Karp’s PSA is No. 2 on the Greatest Save site. The last step is winning the No. 1 for the national place.

Click here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2021natPSA and vote for Lucy’s PSA, listed as “NYC”. The last day to vote is Friday, May 7th, 202

by Maya Cavounis ’21