Of Interest: Pinterest

Pinterest, is an app that is known to be a social media without the social. It’s considered a new form of therapy for anyone. The app created by Ben Silbermann, is a series of montages of images where users can create boards that are full of pins (the images) and sort each section to your liking. Over time the more you pin, the more the app becomes a form of you, displaying trends or ideas that you are into, way before you even know that you like them. No matter if one wants to build a home, try a new makeup look, create an art project and be creative in their own way: Pinterest is always available to expand that idea. 

On Pinterest you, or anyone else has the opportunity to share any ideas and images that you wish: creating a never ending series of inspiration. The more you navigate Pinterest and select/ press on what you are interested in, the more the app will customize to suit what you are interested in. This is a great source of inspiration for artists, regardless of their craft. Even the ones who don’t believe they are artistic. 

There is a huge element to Pinterest surrounded by health. This category can range from foods that many have never even heard of, new smoothie blends, health products that one could purchase, exercises of all sorts, and overall lifestyle advice and tips. After a few moments of saving pins, the app will already know what body part you want to work on, or even understand the routine you are in search of.

The majority of people who use the app even label it as therapeutic. It can drag you in for hours of just sorting images that look aesthetically pleasing next to one another. You can title your boards with anything that you are feeling, regardless of the subject matter in the board. After creating a beautiful selection of images that you enjoy, you have the freedom of looking back through it in satisfaction. Not only can you look through what you already have saved but you can also see a feature titled “More like this” and it takes you to a whole new branch of images that share common themes with either the ones in that board or one specific pin. 

A recently added feature on Pinterest, that many people (especially minorities) are happy about is the diversity filter. When searching up things that are a huge umbrella term that can affect everyone, for example “Hairstyles” and “Makeup.” Not every race will be able to do the same hairstyles as easily as the other, same for makeup. At the top of the screen after the search bar it lets you select your skin color or the one that you are searching for in order to make your search more relevant to what are needed. This is much more beneficial than scrolling for minutes just to find a makeup look that can go with darker skin tones. 

Pinterest has many different categories to hold your interests, no matter how you are using their boards/pins.

— by Isabelle Eilenkrig-Turnier ’21