Kali Uchis’ Sin Miedo

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American artist who is becoming rising star.

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American artist who is becoming rising star. She specializes in Latin music, specifically R&B, but has stated that she doesn’t stick to one genre, and that she’ll produce anything that comes to mind. Her lyrics are often bilingual; Spanish, English, or both together. One noticeable trait of her is her beauty and soft voice. She is a confident woman who isn’t afraid to admit her visual power. When she was done creating her second studio album, she was very proud of each song. She didn’t feel any fear on showing it to the world, and named it “Sin Miedo,” which translates to “Without Fear.”

The album starts off with “La Luna Enamorada” or “The Moon In Love.” In this piece Kali is singing about how astonished she is about love, while showing off her low range. This song is a direct contrast of hers, since the soprano sings unusually low notes. The music video captures her physical beauty, and visually states how Ms. Uchis is a brave confident woman. The music video screams “Yep, I’m bold and I know it! ”

The next noticeable song is “Fue Mejor, ” or “It Was Better.” Although this song is about love, it specifically talks about her knowing her worth, and how she left a toxic relationship. What makes this song noticeable is another contrast from the last note- her heavenly high notes. Soon there is a transition from a bittersweet to literal sweet song; “Fue Mejor” and “Aguardiente Y Limón.” 

As of February 2021, her eighth song on this album, “Telepatia” is growing in the Spotify charts, getting more than 4 million streams on February 27. “Telepatia” is a song about missing someone, but telepathically still loving them. Her Spanish lyric states “Quién lo diría, Que se podría, Hacer el amor por telepatia”, translating to “who would’ve said we can love telepathically. ” The music itself is very relaxing, catchy, and the vibes permit the listener to sit back and relax. The song is both in English and Spanish, allowing more audiences to enjoy her music. This song is highly recommended for listeners who want to start getting into Kali Uchis’ world. As of late February, Kali hinted that a music video will come out based on the success of “Telepatia.”  

The two singles that came from the album are “La Luz (Fin)” and “Aqui Yo Mando.” Both songs are direct contrasts of each other, but both touch on pleasure/desire. “La Luz” is a Latin-pop song where Kali expresses her bi-sexuality, and shows that she’ll love whoever makes her delighted. “Aqui Yo Mando” is a I’m-a-woman-in-charge anthem, where Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty state that they will make sure their needs are met. Both songs are highly recommended for women who want to have fun and overall feel good about themselves. 

The overall album is very relaxing and loving, and it’s good to play in any situation. This album definitely shows more skills from the soprano, both in vocals and musicality. However, it feels like that album has more potential, perhaps trying new genres will expand Kali as an artist. That being said, the languages Kali Uchis sings in is not an issue, and she should definitely keep this up. For a second studio album, Sin Miedo is worth listening to. 

— by Itayetzy “Itzy” Uranga ’21