For Now, Life is on Pause

It’s not easy to be trapped in a room full of slow Wi-Fi and distractions. It’s not easy to connect with people online when you’re on mute most of the time. This pandemic definitely had changed many of us through the past months, but one thing for sure is, for now, life is on pause. Due to COVID-19, many curricular activities, sports clubs, volunteer opportunities, jobs, and schools have been closed, but it will resume after all this is over.

During these tough times, students have been nervous and overwhelmed with the transition from being in school to the switch of online learning. Their learning styles have transformed and it’s way harder to focus at home due to the lack of understanding and resources. 

“When I transitioned from being an eighth-grader to a freshman at FSSA, it was extremely difficult especially starting remotely and meeting each other through the screens,” Emilia Strugala, a freshman art major at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), said. 

In addition, many students find it stressful to capture all the information they learn in class at home. Most subjects are being self-taught and relearned at this moment.

“There’s no designated place for you to focus and study and online school feels like it is almost optional,” Emma Wickers, a junior instrumentalist at FSSA said. 

Learning at home is way more challenging than when you are in the school building. There are fewer chances for students to directly get support from the teachers. But through online learning, some students discovered what they found themselves good at, versus what they needed to work on more.

“The shift between a junior and senior definitely changed me. I definitely started to hand in work on time,” Mia Davis, a senior drama major at FSSA, said.

Some people still need to work on time management and procrastination. Education is only one thing. Through this pandemic and being quarantined at home, a lot of students developed new hobbies as well as spending more time with family members, catching up on Netflix, staying connected with people around them, and of course, focusing on themselves more.

“Quarantine definitely changed me. It forced me to keep in contact and appreciate the outdoors. I was able to focus more on meditation, taking care of my mental health and slowing down these past months,” Emma added.

For many of us, life can be hectic and it can be weird to adapt to new situations.

“I didn’t really change. I am still the same person I was before, but it is just the new set of rules I have to follow under COVID-19 and get used to new surroundings,” Eamonn Amad, a senior instrumentalist at FSSA said. 

It’s important to stay connected and be aware of what’s around you especially during a pandemic. Being in quarantine certainly taught many students to focus on themselves and work at their own pace.

Now that a lot of people are spending time indoors it’s necessary to build different dimensions of hobbies and opportunities and protect one another. So, when this pandemic is over, we can all be better and stronger people than ever.

– by Effie Pang ‘21