Among Us Emerges as Quarantine’s Favorite Game

“Among Us” is an indie game where up to 10 people can play, and features crewmates who have to complete tasks in their spaceship. However, there is an imposter among them who has to kill and sabotage the place before the crewmates complete their task. If a body is found, or suspicious behavior is called out, a meeting takes place and everyone votes on who the imposter is in order to kick them out of the spaceship. Based on the settings, the maps and number of imposters may vary. This game was created by a team of three developers; Forest W., Marcus B., and Amy L. Released in June 2018, this game started blowing up this summer and got more than 200,000 daily players in October.

The people responsible for spreading the popularity are gamers from the platform “Twitch” where streamers can go live and play with other Twitch streamers. Gamers like Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Corspe_Husband, and MyMisterFruit (Mr. Fruit) are the most notable streamers who often get top videos on Gaming Youtube. From there, Youtubers like Pewdiepie and James Charles have also joined the call and helped small creators get a moment of spotlight.

In late October, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) joined a few Twitch streamers in order to motivate (young) voters to take part of the 2020 Election. AOC managed to break the record for 3rd biggest debut stream on Twitch, peaking at 400,00 viewers. 

For young adults going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Among Us has offered the perfect opportunity to interact with school friends without getting out of the house.

In an interview with seven regular players (mostly FSSA students), most stated that they have met new people and gotten closer/comfortable to current friends. In gaming, you refer to people by their usernames or “gaming names.” It’s a form of respect and keeps anonymous players anon.

Jadi stated she got the opportunity to be part of a friend group because player Pran has been very welcoming with Jadi. Zman stated that he developed a daily routine: school, homework, practicing, and finally playing video games. Especially when playing in a full lobby with friends, players have the most fun. For example, CoNut’s favorite memory was with a full lobby (10 players- 8 crewmates), but sadly CoNut’s imposter buddy left the game. CoNut stated “it was me against the whole world”, and managed to win in heavy circumstances.

When Aim first played,vshe received praise as her first time playing imposter. For some, this game lets people play “detective” or feel the satisfaction of completing a task.

Some common strategies players use as imposter is; killing then sabotaging, targeting the smartest players, keeping alibis alive, memorizing vents, or just not talking at all in the meetings. Pran and BlueShadow stated in their own 1v2s, they would just sit back and observe how the crewmates were pinning the crime on each other, while they themselves were the imposters. Or when BukLu would vent everywhere and be a daring imposter, which he ended up winning the game.

While the game offers so much fun and connection, some rounds don’t end up being entertaining. Some players have reported feeling more anxious and nervous, especially being the only imposter in a group of four or more.

This group reported they have witnessed toxic behavior from other players (known and unknown players). Players Blueshadow and Boogie stated they have felt upset when they get voted off first for just reporting the location of a body. Others said they feel overpowered when they aren’t offered a moment to state their case. Of course it’s the nature of the game, but simple mistakes can hold grudges and create tension.

But as a chill group, players learned to forgive and move on, or at the very least communicate on how they feel. Some lessons crewmates have learned is to let people talk, be more neutral, and overall just not screaming/cursing for the entire time.

The creators of Among Us recently announced the cancellation of “Among Us 2,” but are planning to add the ideas of AU2 into the current “Among Us.” Players are requesting new maps, colors, costumes, pets, new killing animations, and new roles. When asked to rate the game, the average rating from 0-10 was 8.8. Pro-Tip: While playing Among Us, download Discord to vocally communicate instead of the chat feature if you’re playing with friends.

– by Itayetzy “Itzy” Uranga ’21