Sinatra Student Starts BLM Business

Lyricswurld is an online boutique run by a young black female entrepreneur that focuses on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The boutique is run by Lyric Miller who is a 17-year-old senior fine art major at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA). Lyric is currently selling handmade floral jewelry that she creates out of resin and pressed flowers, she plans on launching her hoodie collection later this month. 

Lyrics’ birthday is on June 19th which is also known as Juneteenth. On June 19th, 1865 more than 250,000 enslaved African Americans were freed. Juneteenth is celebrated every year and is a reminder of how far people of color (POC) have come as well as a reminder to keep working and that the fight isn’t over yet.

“It was my people’s first taste of freedom and now I get to live life as my ancestors intended, as well as to keep working for future generations,” Lyric said. She uses this knowledge to push her limits and create good for the world.

During the BLM movement this year Lyric felt as if she wasn’t doing as much as she could, because she wasn’t allowed to protest for safety reasons. So, she began to do what she could by sharing information, donating, educating others around her, but she still felt that she could do more. Which is the reason why she started Lyricswurld. Lyric planned on using her talent and brilliant mind to make handmade jewelry and anything she could so she could use the proceeds to donate to BLM foundations.

Starting the business off was more challenging than she ever expected, especially because she is a minor. So, Lyric did all the research she could and grabbed all her birthday money and loose change around her room created a website and began to work. Her goal was to be completely independent and do as much as she could

“I made a lot of mistakes and it takes a lot of hard work, but I’m thankful that I started this especially with the guidance of my father who started his own business,” she said. Lyric elaborates on the struggle she’s had, but it’s been nothing but rewarding. She says the amount of support she has been given is overwhelming and she’s never felt so loved.

Lyricswurld has donated to many different BLM charities over the past couple of months. The company has donated more than $100 to ACLU Non-Profit, Emergency Release Fund, Black Trans Women Fund, and the Brooklyn Bail Fund. She says this is only the beginning. 

Lyricwurld consists of many different styles of handmade jewelry varying from earrings to bracelets. All of her products are named after her friends who represent all different parts of the world. Currently, she is working on a restock as she has sold out completely and plans on launching a hoodie collection later in the month as well as a magazine in the future.

You can visit Lyric’s shop at as well as follow her Instagram @lyricswurld where you can see updates on her business as well and see the product in action through her “Flower power.”

– by Tess McGuire ’21