Inspecting Interiors: Quarantine Edition

During these times, the sun goes down without warning. We are forces to realize the spaces we call home, how we move about our kitchens, shared rooms and small hallways now that we are all inside.

For this month I decided to focus on a skewed sense of reality. I observed the way my kitchen floor dips when I’m tired and how reflections don’t see quite real after days of the same routine.
In the foreground in my sister’s room, complete with hanging plugs and other necessities tangled about. Past the first door is my father sitting in a chair that lives in our small hallway space. Behind this, is a small slice of my parent’s room (a figure hidden behind the chair and on the bright green bedsheets).
It was an odd experience, focusing on spaces that I otherwise wouldn’t have the time to mull over. The rooms and halls we live in, in a way, take the shape of who we are and what we decide to do.
– by Coralis Rivera ’21