Introducing: Inspecting Interiors – a monthly FSSA perspective

Inspecting Interiors: The Atrium

Highschool is complicated.

In taking a closer look at the routine that engulfs our day-to-day, we often forget that the things we are experiencing will soon become memories that we fondly look back upon.

Each space in our school was designed with our educational experience in mind. The 4 year process of finding one’s passions, developing an identity, and pulling off a productive 5 days a week, flies past in an instant.

In addition to this, battling an overwhelming workload and the high school pressures for success leaves little room for reflection when it comes to analyzing the monumentality of the high school experience in the structure of high school itself.

Here’s a look inside some of our high school spaces and what they say about us.

– Text and Illustrations by Junior art student Coralis Rivera