FSSA Talks New Year’s Resolutions

Junior dance major Anaya Eigner.

A recent U.S. News and World Report stated that nearly 80 percent of all New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. So, we asked Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) students about their New Year’s resolutions:

“My new year’s resolution is to start being more active and plan a vacation to a tropical place,” Junior dance major Anya Eigner.

“To stop losing things. This is my third pair of AirPods and my budget for 2020 can’t afford to lose another one,” said Diana Arama, senior dance.

“I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions because by now I know myself and I know I won’t keep them, so now instead of making goals like that for the new year i make them kinda when I know i’ll actually be able to achieve them,” said FSSA senior Morgan McCourt.

FSSA Senior Emily Tolli.

“For the 2020 new year I want to continue with self love, acceptance and giving myself much deserved attention,” Emily Tolli, senior drama said.

Senior artist Angela Llama after she learned that 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail.

“Mine is to not be lazy, get into college, and to not be broke when I am in college. I never kept my New Year’s resolutions in the past, they usually last for one day. I make my New Year’s resolutions because I tell myself and try to achieve these goals but could I never do them,” said Angela Llama, Senior art major.

Pictured from left Luna Ubide Holmes and right Sophia Mojica.

“I think for me it’s because I set the expectations to high and I don’t feel motivated to do it when the time comes,” said Junior Luna Ubide Holmes

FSSA senior Takumi Natsume

“I’ve made goals for my resolutions but I’m bad at managing my time and keeping consistent with the goals I set for myself,” said senior Takumi Natsume.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time online and stop procrastinating and do more for college,” FSSA’s Matthew Krisch said.

“One of my New Years resolution is to be more organized with my school work to keep my grades up,” said FSSA senior dance major Stephanie Hallahan. She wasn’t too surprised by the 80 percent fail rate, but felt courageous that she could still try her best to keep all of her resolutions.