The Power of Music

FSSA senior film students edit a film while listening to music.

Students of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) walk the halls, work, and talk to one another, while listening to music through headphones.  The busy hallways, occupied with students and teachers yelling and interacting, can’t seem to get their attention even though it’s a school full of young artists, all in separate art forms with a variety of passions and interests.  

The one thing they all have in common, is the everlasting escape they find, that consumes them, while listening to music, with headphones.

Music has a different meaning to everyone.  It is something that becomes exclusive to the listener.  When using headphones, nothing else can grab their attention.

“In general, music has gotten me through tough times.  It is comforting to know that others are experiencing the same thing as you,” says senior film major, Jianna Kristine.

Music provides an outlet to so many people with whatever they are dealing with. Jianna goes on to discuss her difficult family situation and growing up with fears, anxiety and depression.  In times where Jianna needed something to grasp onto, she found music.

“It helped me through everything I was struggling with, it pulled me out of it, as I would listen to songs that made me feel hopeful and reminded me of better times,” she said.

Lyrics provide such a strong incite as to what an artist is going through.  This is what makes it the strongest component of a song. In order for a song to feel personal to the listener it has to contain lyrics and chords that make them lose themselves in the music.

“When listening to music, I always pay attention to the lyrical quality. The lyrics have to resonate with me and have a true raw emotion that seem like no other artist can recreate,” states Joseph Rana, a senior film major. 

One of the reasons why FSSA students are constantly listening to music, specifically through headphones, is the inspiration that they feel.

Joseph discovered his love for film through music.  From a young age he thought he wanted to be a music producer, until he got into FSSA.  hile watching music videos he realized he wanted to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry.  Songs create a story in Joseph’s mind for his script.

“Music inspires me when I am writing a script for my film.  I choose what music I use in the final edit before I even write the script,” says Joseph.  

He is now interning as an editor and constantly taking on small jobs to perfect his craft. Students in other FSSA art studios say the same thing.

“I’m always listening to music in art, it helps me stay focused and indulged in my work,” states Ally Montana, a senior art major. “It helps you find your inner self.”

In today’s society people wonder why teenagers are always wearing headphones. The answer is that many students wear headphones and listen to music while doing work because it blocks out the world and helps them concentrate on something that requires their full attention.

“When I wear headphones,the music becomes exclusive to me, there is nothing between the music and I.  There’s an ultimate underlying connection with the song you are listening to,” states, Mariana Braga, a senior film student.

Mariana adds that wearing headphones helps you focus more on the song, allowing you to relate to it more strongly and even associate a memory with it.

– by Evthoxia Zamagias ’19