What High Schoolers Are Actually Wearing


Many people have various stereotypes of how a typical high school is composed. They think that students are sectioned off into cliques based off of certain titles and images. Today, however, the perception of high school students has altered drastically and it’s in our fashion and style that we see this change. But what truly influences this change?

Year after year, our world becomes increasingly influenced by the Internet and social medias has open the floodgate of music, film, and photography. It’s with this opportunity that high school students pick their clothes in the morning to show to the world once they walk out of the door.

“You can just go onto Instagram and there’s a whole section on style and you can swipe and swipe across all these different outfits. Of course all these outfits are super expensive, but still, people do feed off of that,” says Alex Haskins, a seventeen year old senior at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA). As a dance major, Alex comes to school in comfortable, casual and laid back clothing, and  attributes a lot of his style choices to the people he sees on social media. “Trends just keep getting picked up and celebrities start dressing more relaxed and later a lot of girls and guys are wearing bigger clothes so it’s different because of them.”

Greta Rustani, a senior drama major at FSSA, agrees that social media platforms have been beneficial to how she mixes up her edgy/girly look.

“You get the idea of what you want to do and I feel like it really helps progress your own style,” Greta said. “Be your own person. You do take from other people, but make sure that you do it your own way.”

Some students are convinced, in fact, that we’ve came a long way from what fashion used to be. To Lillian Perez, a seventeen year old drama major at FSSA, she believes that many of us have broken away from the typical clichés and by working off of the inspiration that social media has given us, we can find our approach to fashion.

“I constantly browse fashion pages that I see and take inspiration from those pictures,” Lillian said. “I feel like everybody now kind of has their own, unique, individual style and we build off of other people to make our own.”

Our varying taste in style is what makes our world of fashion turn on its axis and with the help of social media, it won’t stop turning for many years to come.

– by Oilvia Estevez, ’19