A Jazzy Friday Night

Senior Marina Breger performs with the FSSA Jazz Band.

On Friday, October 26, 2018, the Tony Bennett Concert Hall was transformed into a Jazz Cabaret. The lights were dimmed and the tables were set. Footsteps trickled in and blended with varied conversations and hushed tones as the audience settled into their assigned tables.

Amidst the hustle and bustle the music played. All movement seized, and the audience found themselves captivated by The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) Jazz Band.

The evening was filled with multiple jazz classics and familiar selections from Richard Rodgers, Otis Blackwell and Irving Berlin bringing the Jazz band and FSSA’s vocal department together for one great night.

The jazz band entranced the audience with its stellar musical capabilities, while being treated to the unique vocal stylings of sophomore Julia Parasram, senior Marina Breger, and senior Micahl Evans. The vocalists were complemented by as many solos the from saxophone, trumpet, drums, bass, piano and trombone. 

These young artists showed a great passion for what they do, especially, senior vocalist Marina Breger.

“It’s really exciting to hear the other musicians work and to be a part of this artistry,” said Marina. She also shared how she is interested in continuing with jazz as a future career and how being in this elective is helping her expand her knowledge in the jazz world, which she is truly grateful for.

Even though this show was a great success, there were still some obstacles that the band had to overcome this year. One of the biggest issues was the abrupt exit of its jazz band teacher, Mr. Ricks.

As of this month, FSSA acquired the bright smiles and phenomenal teaching capabilities of Mr. Green. Mr. Green has made a great first impression on everyone. He is a true performer whose main instrument is the trombone, but he can also play the drums. This multi-talented teacher has had the opportunity to perform all over the world from Japan to Europe. He dedicates his time and hard work into everything he does, which is why he is so successful in his musical career. The jazz band students are more than grateful and excited to have a new teacher like him on board.

“The support here is amazing, the kids here are amazing,” said Mr. Green during intermission after their first set.

The Jazz Cabaret brought together FSSA’s vocal and instrumental departments.

The show was an absolute success. The faces on the audience members said it all, their eyes were locked in on the stage and their smiles were lit up. This was the first time the Jazz Band had it’s Cabaret on the stage and it went as smooth as possible.

– by Olivia Conte ’19 and Martina Coronel ’19