Budding Fashion Designer With UK Roots

FSSA senior film student, Ava Malassine has a passion for fashion.

Her hair is light, like the brightest hues of sunlight when the day ends. Her fair skin is a contrast to her punk street-style. She pairs a black corset belt with a bold red lip. Her piercing emerald eyes add to the mysterious energy she exudes. It’s not hard to believe that this forward-thinking guru is a gentle spirit who dreams of having a positive impact in fashion.

Frank Sinatra School of The Arts’ (FSSA) senior film major, Ava Lily Malassine, was born in Nottingham, England, yet grew up on the poetic streets of Brooklyn.

“I was 5 years old and my mom was in New York for work, while I stayed with my grandparents In the UK,” she said.

But as the demand for her mother, Esther Langham’s, talents increased, she made the difficult choice of starting a new life in a completely different country.

“Moving has definitely made my mom and I a lot closer, we just had each other. I also feel like I have become a lot more independent from growing up in NYC. I know I definitely would not be the same considering Nottingham is a very small part of England,” Ava said.

She smiles, and continues. “[My Mother’s] job has definitely influenced me to be into fashion considering I was always around it,” she said.

Ava elaborates, “I wouldn’t say she has steered my career choices, as she’s supportive of anything I do. The industry, though, I’ve always had an interest for and I would love to pursue a career in any field of it,” she said.

And so she is. Ava is a stylist on the side of her budding fashion career. She has styled a plethora of unique individuals, most notably, rapper CeddyJay at his AfroPunk 2018 performance.

“I love every part of fashion. I love the competition, I love the community, I love the creativity it comes with, I love the freeness of it. I admire the fact that the fashion industry has become a lot more diverse and accepting of different types of people, which is why I started to love it more,” she adds.

She took a brief second to take a sip of her coffee, leaving a stain from her red lipstick on the foam cup.

“If I had the opportunity to change the fashion industry a bit, I would definitely make it even more accepting for the people who aren’t what every ‘model’ looks like, and make it more and more diversified.”

Ava then confidently speaks her dreams into existence.

“In the next five years I’ll get into a fashion school and start a clothing line whether that being just putting out hoodies with my designs on it, or actually physically making pieces to sell,” she said.

– by Jarline Almonte ’19