Racism in America

The United States Of America: “The land of the free and home of the brave.” As we’ve flourished as a country and gained social and economic strength, we have failed to incorporate that America is also the land of the diverse and home of the culturally diffused. Our 45th President, Donald Trump, suggests that immigrants have disturbed this social and economic progression and are holding us back. Our police departments have developed a system in which racial profiling, and the violation of the constitutional rights of Latino and Black men, have been threatened, from the lack of training, prejudices and fear of those of an unfamiliar race.

Dominic Green an FSSA drama student, and victim of racial discrimination shares his experience with racism in America and his ideology on the root of the problem.

How do you view racism in America?

It’s very bad. We come from a time where racism is very common and we have a racist president, which is not good to have and I don’t like it.

How has your race or ethnicity affect your livelihood?

It’s definitely played a part, let’s say for acting and stuff like that, you don’t get a lot of big parts because most of the parts are for white people. Definitely it also affects where you go and how you’re viewed and looked at, because if you’re in certain places at nighttime, people will look at you as if you were a threat because of your skin color.

Who has influenced your opinion on race relations such as discrimination, and segregation?

Definitely my mother, because even with all that’s going on, for some reason she still manages to remain calm, especially with what Trump’s saying and stuff like that. She’s not surprised, she just tells me we have to stay calm, because things like this will happen.

Do you feel like race influences your pursuit in studying your craft?

Yes it does. Like I said before, especially with your skin color you don’t get the roles you want, especially with type casting and stuff like that.

What is your take on black history month?

It’s good to learn about the history and stuff like that, but how do you have a president that says stuff like that, so it kind of contradicts the whole idea. I like black history month, but I feel like people don’t take it seriously. I don’t think it’s effective because look what’s going on, Trump just called people from Haiti “S***holes.”

Do you feel the government is doing enough to prevent racial profiling or police brutality against black and Latino men?

No, I don’t think they’re doing enough. Because black people still get shot randomly by officers, they’re more likely to get randomly searched. They don’t do enough to protect us.

How has Donald Trump influenced racism in America, if at all?

I don’t even know where to start with him. He’s definitely helping racist people grow, in their “racism-ness,” he’s doing too much and he needs to chill out.

– by Jalil Robinson’18 and Melanie Ranft ’18