The Name Behind the Fame: Unorthodox

The student-created Unorthodox brand is beginning to take off in and around FSSA.

When walking down the hallways of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), it is almost inevitable to not pass the word Unorthodox plastered on a t-shirt, hat or hoodie. Born in 2016, the brand Unorthodox encourages breaking the social norms of religion and society, by creating clothing that promotes a positive and open atmosphere.The yin-yang symbol attached to the company’s acclaimed hoodie helps create this positive atmosphere. The brand Unorthodox also strongly encourages fighting conformity. The brand was created by two FSSA students.

The name Unorthodox-created by owner and FSSA student Wiley Kimelman aims to project the message: Beat to your own drum and do something that society doesn’t tell you to. He also admits the name being a inside joke between him and co-owner Jack Ertel, being that they are both Jewish.

Wiley who grew up in Florida says he experienced the definition of conformity. He attended a school that required a uniform where he remembers not being able to express himself.  He also recalls fashion not being a big thing and everyone dressing the exact same way. All that took a turn in 2013, when his family moved from down south to New York City. It is here that he felt he was able to express himself, and he decided to do so in the means of a clothing company. So, he grabbed a few of his newfound friends and created what is now a phenomenon around Sinatra.

Starting with little to no experience in clothing, the brand has met the expectations of the owners. Nick Pimpagorin (sophomore instrumentalist) is impressed with the brand’s current designs and is excited to see which direction the brand goes in next.  

With about 100 in sales and good feedback within the school, which is currently their only market, the brand has plans to take its next step. Zayvia Carty, third co-owner of the brand, says that the company is currently collaborating with a partner to create a website. This will of course give them a bigger audience, and create more opportunity for growth.

Currently the company sells a yin-yang box logo hoodie, a yin-yang dad cap, a basic logo pink long sleeve, and a black robber t-shirt (which is the best seller among the group). In the future, the brand plans to sell shorts, sweatpants, crewnecks and maybe even a bubble coat, Kimelman predicts. Within five years the brand has goals to either open up a store or have their clothes placed in stores all around the world. The brand hopes to have trendsetters such as Asap Rocky, Travis Scott and Jaden Smith wearing their clothes in the near future.

Lilly King, an FSSA senior dancer wears the brands clothes because it makes her feel comfortable and she loves what the meaning behind the clothes stand for.  

In a world filled with conformity, Unorthodox is an answer to the cry from nonconformist, disguised in t-shirts, hoodies and dad caps.

– by Xavier Means ’18