A Word With the new AP of Organization, Math and Science

The incoming freshman weren’t the only new faces Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) welcomed this 2018 school year; a determined new face in the school administration joined them as well. Mrs. Coqueran takes her new title as assistant principal of organization, math and science, with pride as she adjusts to the performing arts high school’s way of life.

Being a first time assistant principal at any school may seem daunting to most, but with Mrs. Coqueran’s background and intellect is an exciting opportunity for her career that she worked hard to build, and a step toward her final goal of principal.

“I taught in middle school for three years at IS 119 in Glendale. Then I was a high school math teacher at Queens Metropolitan High School,” Mrs. Coqueran said. “I then worked at the Borough Office, I was an instructional leader for the Borough of Queens, and now I’m here.”

And here she is as Mrs. Coqueran proves herself to fit FSSA’s unique atmosphere.

Though making it look easy, establishing herself at a new school in a brand new position has definitely taken some figuring out.

“I still don’t know where things are, I discover something new everyday,” she jokes, however the students and administration have definitely helped stamp her foot in the ground. The support of her fellow administration, especially, is what she’s most thankful for around this holiday season, as she couldn’t imagine doing it without them.

Mrs. Coqueran is happy to growing her career at FSSA. Among other things, she chose to work at FSSA in particular because of its distinct reputation, and because of her background and love for dance.

“I was a dancer. I went to dance school my whole life, and I was on the college dance team,” she said.

When she was younger she wished they had a program for dance like they do at FSSA, as dance was a huge passion of hers. She finds that FSSA offers a great balance for what she’s passionate about and what she likes to do for a living, being a math and science teacher.

Mrs. Coqueran also loves the interaction she is able to get with students at the school.

“The thing I missed the most when I was working as an instructional lead was being around kids,” she added.

In the role of an assistant principal she interacts and deals more with the teachers rather than with students, and if she does interact with students, it’s not always the best of situations.

“That’s why you’ll see me in the hallways a lot, just because I like the energy you feel with kids,” she said.

On occasion, she will stand by the door as students swipe their Metrocards in the morning or roam the halls to get that feeling of bonding with students personally. Although things are different from when she was a teacher, the role of an assistant principal offers happiness in a whole new way.

“I have a lot to learn, but I plan on being here a while,” she said.

The lights, camera and action of FSSA doesn’t unnerve her, and Mrs. Coqueran is here for the long run.

– by Sydney Lundin ’18