Childish Frames: The Photography of Chad Woods

Chad Woods is finding a new outlet through photography.

Memories can tend to feel like blurs boxed within our minds. This is essentially a reason why we find ourselves snapping photos and recording videos every day, to preserve those memories.

However, that skewed nature of time and recollection is an undoubtedly distinct factor in the photographic work of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ Chad Woods. The fifteen year-old drama major became interested in the stage during his middle school years, but found himself on a different path during his time at Sinatra.

“I recently discovered photography and noticed that I was more passionate about it,” Woods said. “The music industry inspired me because I love the energy of concerts and music events.” He desires to photograph for many rappers and music icons one day.

Capturing energy is another vivid element in Woods’ work. Colorized panels and blurred layers electrify the faces of the subjects that catch his lens. Woods centers his work around portraits of young creators in the new-age art scene.


The artist in one of this images.

“A lot of the portraits I take are of creatives who have their own aesthetic and style,” Woods expressed. “I just want to help them project it with my photography.”

While giving his subjects a voice, Woods is also making a name for himself in the limelight of Instagram under the handle @childishcee.

He feels that artists who showcase their work through social media should be recognized more earnestly.

“[Instagram photographers] are under-appreciated unless they’re verified with thousands of followers, but that’s just because a lot of people ride waves and do things just because they see others doing it,” he professed. However, with the signature style and ambition he exudes, Woods refuses to settle in the undertow.

In the near future, Woods envisions himself in a bigger spotlight. He is reaching for his spot in a gallery by next summer, but essentially wants the public to recognize the ambition of his work, both in and behind the frame.

As for other photographers in his place, Woods asserted to just enjoy yourself and be as creative as possible, especially with photography. Inevitably, all Woods wants is for people to recognize his work through two words- stay childish.

Although the maturity of his art glistens through every layer fused into his photos, his philosophy makes his work all the more admirable.

– by Gabriel Cavounis 18