Monthly Archive: November, 2017

FSSA Art Student Longs for Warmth and Community

You can see her sketching away in art class every day. Her sketchbook filled with countless ideas for future projects. Drawings of her past in the Philippines take up the paper as she… Continue reading

Learning How to Act All Over Again

He resembled a lumberjack in a brown plaid shirt, complementing his brown leather shoes that were extremely worn out. His leather shoes were shaped to his feet, each wrinkle smiling as he creased… Continue reading

Learning the Ropes of Stagecraft

Her face is engraved into your memory when you first see her from the way her features harmoniously soften and harden according to her feelings. The curls that take over her hair fall… Continue reading

Film​ ​Student​ ​Faces​ ​Fear​ ​by Hovering​ ​Over​ NYC

With his feet dangling in the air, his heart racing and the wind restraining his mobility, he was just one buckle away from falling thousands of feet onto the busy streets of New York… Continue reading

Bruno Zero Makes More Than Just Movies

After a glance around his bedroom the picturesque look with its beige couch, a silver clothing rack filled with designer pieces and a make shift counter exploding with sneakers made by brands from Nike… Continue reading

Giant Steps in Music

As he adjusts his glasses on his signature dark Caesar haircut with his headset wrapped around his neck, he stands tall next to the black baby grand piano on the fifth floor at Jazz at… Continue reading

The Bennett Takes Home Second at Journalism Awards Ceremony

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ school newspaper The Bennett was awarded second place for its photojournalism submission at the 14th annual NYC High School Journalism Conference at Baruch College.