Mrs. Daniel: Librarian and so Much More

Librarian Mrs. Daniel has become something of a mother to students in the building.

Despite advances in technology we still rely on books to find entertainment and information. This is evident at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) based on the popularity of the school library, and the woman behind it all, Mrs. Daniel, who has become something like a mother to many students.  

Mrs. Daniel, is the brains behind the library. Being the school librarian gave Mrs. Daniel purpose and the relationship that she builds with students has made an impact on each and everyone of them.

Knowing that any type of information is available anywhere, Mrs. Daniel help’s students and collaborates with them in order to help access information and conduct research the correct way. She teaches students how to use search engines and educates them on how to make sure that whatever source they find is credible.

Not only is Mrs. Daniel the librarian of the school, but for most students she has become a reliable person they can go to.

Over the years, Mrs. Daniel has grown to love being a librarian because she interacts with students in different ways than regular classroom teachers. She gets to know them based more on their interests in the books that they read or what they don’t read. This way, she creates certain bonds with students and forms connections.

Other than being the school librarian, Mrs. Daniel is in charge of testing in the school. She takes care of the Advance Placement Tests, Regents, SATS and PSATs.

“It’s complicated,” she said. “It takes up a lot more time than you realize.”

When asked what advice she would give the students in the school, she pondered for a moment and decided to use one of her favorite books The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho as an example.

“In that book, it’s really talking about how the path that you’re choosing starts in one direction, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a straight road,” she said.

Mrs. Daniel elaborated by saying that there are going to be twists and turns, but you’ll reach your goals as long as you have one to seek.

– by Mica Malubay ’17