FSSA’s 10th Annual Academic Fair

Projects created by the Spanish class.

On Thursday, March 23rd 2017, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) hosted its 10th Annual Academic Fair. Open to students, parents and faculty, this fair gave students a chance to present their highest quality work to the public. The academic fair credits students for their hard work in not only the arts, but their academic classes as well.

Projects from classes ranged from English and Science to Spanish and Physics were placed on tables and presented in the atrium and second floor hallway. Attending the academic fair allowed parents staff and students an opportunity to interact with Ms. Lightbourn’s Physics projects and read Mrs. Elhalaby’s children’s calculus books, during parent-teacher conferences.

“I like that Frank Sinatra School of the Arts incorporated the academic fair into the school year. Despite the fact we’re known for the arts, it’s nice being credited for are academics as well. The projects are also fun to interact with,” senior Melanie Spiel said.

During the school day, teachers tend to take students down during their class periods to take a look at the work their classmates produced. Students are encouraged to take pride in their work through the academic fair. This is the 10th time its taken place and the faculty plans on continuing this event in the future.

– by Chrysa Karaolis ’17