Lady Legends Soccer Comes to a Close

The Lady Legends Soccer Team is ready for next year.

The Lady Legends Soccer Team is ready for next year.

As the fall semester came to an end so did the Lady Legends Soccer Team who wrapped up their season back on Oct. 25th. Even though the game ended in a loss the team was still pretty content with how the season turned out.

“The first game was the best game, it gave a lot of hope for the rest of the season,” Bobbi Bennett a senior Film Major said, who has been playing on the Lady Legend’s Soccer team since she was a freshman.

Although sports teams are not very big at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA), the people that do participate in the teams take it seriously and support each other. According to Bobbi, the team seems to have very good team spirit. 

“Our goalie really saved us this season,” says Chrysa Karaolis, one of the team’s Captains, and a senior film major.

Chrysa believes that most of the goals that were prevented from the opposing team had to do with the skill that Katelyn Villacres, the goalie, has brought to the team this year. Katelyn is a freshman in drama, and she has gained the respect of her older teammates. Her determination and sportsmanship have shown through this season. This season was not the greatest for the team when the scores are compared. The team lost all games or ended them in ties, and no wins were reported. Even though this was the outcome of the season both Chrysa and Bobbi are happy with how the team played.

“Even though we lost I was happy with the way we played. Each game I saw improvement with our connection as a team,” Chrysa said. “I’m gonna miss my team, I was there for four years and captain for two of them and they’re like a family to me.”

The girls enjoy playing together and team spirit goes a long way on the field. The bond the team has created extends to outside of the field and makes their connection on the field a much stronger one.

When seeing them play on the field it is clear that these girls know each other on a personal level. They know their strengths and weaknesses and are able to help each other get better with each game and practice. However, with a great season also comes room for improvement. One of the main things the team said they could’ve improved on as a whole was the way they practiced.

“As a team, we can work on having stronger and more defined passes, as well as stronger and quicker clearances from pressure,” suggested Katelyn.

Other suggestions included, more attendance at practices over the weekends, being more positive and working on unity on the field.

Both Captains of  the team are seniors, Chrysa and Kristina Glavan, say that overall they will both miss the Lady Legend’s family. They both have spent four full years on the team. The main advice they gave to the upcoming Lady Legends Soccer Team is to know the basics of soccer and be in good physical condition. As for Katelyn, the freshman goalie, she hopes that next year’s team continues to be optimistic and works hard on their warmups at practices and on the field.

– by Ana Duran ‘17