Students Spend Around Sinatra

Students spend a lot of money at area businesses, Dunkin Donuts is one of the more popular spots. Image by Tim Sierra.

Students spend a lot of money at area businesses, Dunkin Donuts is one of the more popular spots. Image by Tim Sierra.

Panera Bread, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and everything else Astoria has to offer seemingly drains students of their weekly allowances or work wages. Frank Sinatra School of The Arts (FSSA)  is surrounded by so many places for students to hang out and spend their money.

With more than 800 students attending FSSA, the businesses around the school benefit from the money students spend. But, how much do students tend to spend at these places? And where does the money come from?

Usually the surrounding stores are packed with students hungry after a long day of school, ready to spend their money.

But how much do they spend?

“I tend to go where it’s cheap,” Emily DiSanti, a senior drama major who attends the school said. “I always get Dunkin’ for breakfast, most people do because it’s cheap and its right around the corner. I usually spend a lot on food every week,but it doesn’t bother me because I earn my own money with the two jobs I work.”

With five days in the school week, students spend a lot of money on their meals. Kaycee Zamora, another senior drama major commented about how much she spends on breakfast alone.

“Well, if we do some not so mental math, I probably spend around 50 dollars alone on breakfast [per week],” she said.

Breakfast is one thing, but students also tend to get something to eat after school, too. Panera is one of the most popular places to go after school for food. A regular customer who goes there is Griffin Koelbel, a senior instrumental senior.

“This year I haven’t spent too much on Panera, but Sophomore year and Junior year, I would go every day to get food after school. Typically spending $50-$60 on food there,” he adds.

The seniors have been here long enough, so they’ve developed regular spots and have a routine by now, but what about the underclassman?

“We go to Subway believe it or not, pretty good food and not too expensive. It does get packed easily because it’s tiny. We also go to Napolis, which is the best pizza place around here, but it’s the size of a closet. I don’t spend too much, I like to save my money, i’ll try and spend $20-$30 on food [for the week],” said Earl Simmons, a junior in the Instrumental studio. “The food places around the school really do make a lot of money off us, but where else would we go?”

The majority of the students go home after school, but a lot of them like to stick around because of rehearsals, performances, sports or just to hang out with friends. With popular places around every corner, there are places where students like to go more than others. These businesses thrive off the students. 

– by Tim Sierra ’17