Saying Farewell to the Frank


Steady, constant, fierce untamed and above all it isn’t something that can ever be fully understood nor beaten…

It can be used for vast possibilities on a person life and where they take it…

It is one of the oldest and possible most powerful forces of the universe…

This fierce power is time. It is not quantifiable, it is just something existing relative to everything to else.

Nothing can age time because time is relative to your own viewpoint on how it passes. On top of that there is no physical evidence of time;  you cannot see time or feel time you can only interact with the objects influenced by time as a result of its continuous yet intangible characteristics.

You can feel time through everything else. In a sense, time is a ghost.

Time means something different to everyone, for some it’s how long you have to work on your homework; to others it’s how long it will take you to get to work; and for some it’s how long you have left with your love ones, for Frank Sinatra School of the Arts students it’s, how long we have left as high schoolers.

For the purpose of understanding how others perceived time, the whole point was to see how time affects other high schoolers; how change may have occurred and to understand why this happens through a series of interviews.

Primary sources:

IMG_0222 (1)Randy Arzu Valladares (Instrumental Major)

Introverted and unique Randy Arzu is one of the many working pieces holding the instrumental department together. He is the most chill being you’ll ever meet, and that is why he is approachable in every way.

Randy’s viewpoint:

“Time is the answer to all our problems and/or questions in perhaps any situation we face in our daily life,” he said. “It’s the heart of what keeps this society in this planet revolving.”

As you can tell he is also very deep. It could be plausible to assume this is Randy’s relationship to time as well. As Randy went on to talk about the relationship between time and his experience at Frank Sinatra he mostly spoke about how his time at FSSA can be thought of as the journey from innocence to maturity not only within yourself as a person, but with your ability to exemplify your character.

“This is something that can only be displayed through time,” he argued.

There is no doubt that Randy’s ever-evolving character comes from his connection with his character and how he chooses to invest in it over time.

IMG_0219 (1)Eva Marina Townsend (Art Major)

Eva is a young, strong and talented silky blonde haired art major with crystal blues eyes that making you feel like you’re staring out into the deep abyss of the ocean. Eva Talked about time making it out to be a something “so necessary.”

Her observation for how time affects us was that: “It goes so quick,” she seemed to condense her view on time by enclosing it within the lines of definition by categorizing time as being a natural inevitable factor and something you can’t stop.

This was her view on how it affected her personally. Her progressive working theory on time was: “You really have to live in the moment you can’t worry about what’s going to happen next,” she said.

IMG_0218 (1)Gian-Carlo Pinzon (Vocal Major)

As open as his soul is to music his generosity extends to other people. The warm and positive Gian-Carlo is the guy you turn to whenever you need advice or positivity.

Gian-Carlo talked about time making it to be: “The challenge you face to make your life meaningful before it runs out,” he said.

He felt that his time at Sinatra has constantly challenged that notion because he always put forth his best effort in everything he did.

“I think if my younger self could see me now he’d say ‘you’re living now, you’re on the right track,’” he said. And that’s what pushes Gian-Carlo to reach to the next level.IMG_0221 (1)Patrick Daniel Thompson (Film major)

Patrick Thompson is the heart of the film department and he’s always got the magic going on back stage. Patrick or PJ is a very witty and blunt soul. He is knows how to get the job done and is very reliable. His response to how his freshman self would have reacted to seeing him now was: “He’d probably be happy we got into college,” he said.

IMG_0223 (2)

Conor Brennan (Drama Major)

If you ever see sun burning bright gold and yellow it’s probably Conor, why? Because he one of the most outgoing people you’ll ever meet. Two things that are constant with Conor. He’s always smiling and he’s always friendly. Time and memories really do weigh heavy for Conor at FSSA. Conor talked a lot about how FSSA had special meaning for him and how he’d learned a lot. He loves how the school was unique and unlike any other school he had been to in his life.

“I love all of its quirks and I don’t think I would trade my high school experience for anything,” he added.

– Interviews and story by Issac Pettigrew 16