Monthly Archive: June, 2016

8 Days in Italy

As a senior in high school who has studied art intensively over the past 4 years, I quickly realized that nothing prepared me for the excitement of sitting down and drawing all across… Continue reading

The Cost of College

These days, many teenagers will choose to go to college to work towards a career they want to pursue. Teenagers are also told to get an education in college, and many studies claim… Continue reading

Saying Farewell to the Frank

Steady, constant, fierce untamed and above all it isn’t something that can ever be fully understood nor beaten… It can be used for vast possibilities on a person life and where they take… Continue reading

The True Value of an Arts Education

Few teenagers have the opportunity to study in a school that is dedicated to the arts; and even fewer students in college can say that their high school had properly prepared them for… Continue reading

Crowdfunding: A New Era or a New Trend?

In general, those who ask for money from strangers are seen as lazy, parasitic or irresponsible. But when that same proposition is put upon the Internet, the response changes. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and… Continue reading