Throughout the past 20 years the world of comics have been taking over the cinematic universe.  The two leading comic book companies that have dominated the gameare the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe. These two comic/ movie producers have been going head to head for more than 50 years, trying to one up each other by creating bigger and better movies, and even stealing character traits from one another. This of course, tears the populace apart, split between which is better, Marvel or DC.

Although this war has been going on for about five decades, the two companies are at their peaks, moving from not only comic productions, but also making animated and live-action films.

Recently, a Zack Snyder production, “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released on March 25th,2016. The movie, was not only the first to hold three of the biggest characters in the DC Universe, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but to also be the first to introduce “The Justice League,” on live-action film, has struck major criticism.

“The movie was all over the place,” Harmony Leon, an FSSA sophomore vocal major Harmony Leon. said. “I got confused at some point because I don’t really read much of the comics”

This was a very common comment from those who weren’t religious comic book readers. Others, such as Alphonso Valentin, father of senior instrumental major Bianca Valentin, thought the movie was well put together.

“The fight scenes were amazing, the actors were spectacular, and I got a real sense of who the comic book characters were,” he said.

A large portion of the student body are interested in comics, but there is a rift between which universe is superior.

“DC is my favorite universe,” Dylan Carter, a senior film major said. “Not only does DC have better characters, but they also have this dark gritty feeling that Marvel just can’t compete with. DC’s biggest strength has to be its animated series. Shows like Justice League: the animated series, Batman: the animated series, Teen Titans, and Young Justice dominate the animated realm.”

Some students, Like Gabe Carroway, senior drama major, disagree with Dylan.

“Marvel is the best, hands down. DC’s characters are all overpowered gods. Marvel’s are much more realistic and as way better character development,” he added. “Marvel’s live-action movies are amazing. They do a much better job in bringing the characters together and stringing up the universe into one movie, like with what they did in the Avengers.     

– by Ezekiel McGhee ’16