Monthly Archive: May, 2016

Underrated Rowing

Only about 7 minutes, that’s all it really is, but it is seven pain filled minutes that would make you rethink every possible reason for why you just put yourself in what seems… Continue reading

That Slang Thang

You hear it all over: A group of sweaty teenagers on the subway hollering about how some party was “mad lit”. Some girl’s eyebrows being “on point”. Someone “low key” having a crush… Continue reading

Mixed Race in a Mixed Place

  “What are you?” “Ohhh, that’s so cool!” “Yo, so are you more Black or more Asian?” “¿Hablas español?” I am very used to these questions and reactions. As a half Japanese, half… Continue reading

VICE’s Gaycation Goes Behind the Scenes

Everyone is gay these days, it’s becoming a trend. This kind of statement is heard a lot these days because of the slow-growing acceptance toward those in the LGBTQ+ community. Despite these ideas that… Continue reading

Sinatra Sophomore is an Entrepreneur

The weight of clothes can be surprisingly heavy. Carrying a selection of folded shirts, the green duffle bag hanging at the side of him, Simón Safos walks through the hallways with his future… Continue reading

FSSA Art Studio Offers Student Prints for Sale

The FSSA Senior art studio is offering limited-edition prints for sale of student work, which coincides with its four unique end-of-the-year art gallery shows. Selected work from all of the senior shows will… Continue reading

Senior Art – A Documentary



Throughout the past 20 years the world of comics have been taking over the cinematic universe.  The two leading comic book companies that have dominated the gameare the Marvel Universe and the DC… Continue reading

Sinatra Gets Ready for The Music Man

  Every year at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) the musical theatre class puts on a huge musical production. When an FSSA student becomes a member of the musical theatre cast… Continue reading

The Life and Legacy of the Five Foot Assassin

Malik Izzak Taylor, more commonly known as Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, lived an extremely successful life. As a high schooler, Taylor formed what would become one of the most successful… Continue reading