Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Aida is Here

This school year Frank Sinatra’s musical theater teachers, Mr. Cacciaola Price and Ms. Best decided to produce the musical Aida. The musical revolves around an enslaved Nubian princess’ (Aida) forbidden love, for Radames,… Continue reading

A Look at the Handmade Costumes of Aida

The story of Aida is an enchanting one. An enslaved Nubian princess, Aida, finds her heart entangled with Radames, an Egyptian soldier who is betrothed to the Pharaoh’s daughter, Amneris. As their forbidden… Continue reading

Don’t fight, try Mediation with Mr. Love

It’s entirely common and normal for high school students to bump heads once in a while. Whether the altercation is minor or major it’s important for the students to communicate and work through… Continue reading

Barbie’s New Body

  The toy aisle recently got a makeover. Shelves where the iconic lean, white Barbie dominated the attention of young girls for generations are starting to become more representative of the times.  … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Donald Trump

  Dear Mr. Donald Trump, My name is Kendall Elliott, I am 15 years old, and I am currently a sophomore in high school. I never used to pay much attention to politics,… Continue reading