FSSA On Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day, as they say, is a day dedicated to love. This is the day when those who are hopeless with admiration profess their love to the one person they have had their eyes on since day one. It is also when those who are already smitten make grand gestures to their significant other (or attempt to fix their already tattered relationship) to show their love. And of course, there are the hopeless singles who pull the “forever alone” line on this day, and the bitter ones who claim that Valentine’s Day is stupid and overrated. Maybe they really think that way about this holiday, or maybe they secretly just can’t find someone for themselves to snuggle up or go out with. Well, if you’re a single person who pertains to the second category, have no fear. You may feel lonely, but who said you couldn’t buy flowers and chocolate for yourself?

Cheyenne Haskins, a senior at Frank Sinatra, says that she has some plans for herself. That is, buying chocolate for herself and eating it all. She asks: Why do you need a man when you have chocolate? A classic question that almost every single girl asks themselves at some point (Unless you’re allergic to chocolate, in which case that stinks and you’ll be better off with a man). “I like Ferrero Rocher so I’ll probably buy some for myself. I usually forget about Valentine’s Day, because I don’t really care about this day to be honest. However, I do like chocolate,” Cheyenne says without shame.

Sometimes people just don’t feel like making any plans on a day like Valentine’s Day for their own personal reasons, whether they hate this holiday or are bitter singles. Some people just don’t feel the love and don’t want to see it happen, as demonstrated by Lisa Moore, another senior in Frank Sinatra. “I ain’t gonna do nothin,’” Moore states, “And I’m thankful it’s on a Sunday because I don’t want to see these kids makin’ out and touchin’ each other. I also don’t want to know and I don’t care which people are together or who’s going to be with who.”

There are always people who will have the opinion that Valentine’s Day is an insignificant holiday, but that still doesn’t stop the overflowing magic of it all.

Speaking of magic, whether anyone thinks it’s real life or fantasy is subjective. However, the Valentine’s day magic is no fantasy, and it is never ending for those who go to Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. There’s the cliche saying, “Everybody needs a little love in their life” and the self-titled Valentine’s Day fairy lives by that quote on this day where all the love happens. Being a full-time student and also the Valentine’s Day fairy at Frank Sinatra, senior instrumental major Kira McGrue claims that everybody just needs some good things in life.

“On Valentine’s Day, I go all out. I consider myself a person who loves everyone, and it is my obligation to spread the love,” Kira said. “I wanted to do so, I created this thing where I’m like, the Valentine’s Day fairy. Great for kids and parties. And I got wings and I got tons of candy, and Valentine’s Day cards with horrible puns. But you know, it’s a lot of fun doing it for all the people and going all out because in the end, everyone deserves love and candy. That’s all we need in life.”

And of course, we also need air to breathe. But what’s wrong with that on Valentine’s Day, if love is in the air? If you ever see a fairy prancing around in school with candy and a pair of wings on Valentine’s Day, you’ll know who it is.

All the love on Valentine’s day is fueled by determination, happiness, and promise. Hopelessly-in-love singles and the Valentine fairy aren’t the only ones who are fueling this love boat across the sea. Gislaine Garcia and the one she has her eyes on are also contributing to the S.S Cupid by spending their time together. Not necessarily on Valentine’s Day, but before and/or after it. No matter how you put it, as they say, some of a good thing is better than none of it.

“As of now, plans are still in the works. I’m probably gonna celebrate Valentine’s Day a little later because of timing issues, but it’s nothing too big. I’ll get her a flower or something like that before Valentine’s Day. Maybe we can even go to the museum in the city and spend time together,” she said.

Many people contribute to Valentine’s Day one way or another. Whether it’s with love, hate, or indifference, a contribution is made to this holiday many people talk about each year. The evidence is definitely strong at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. When Valentine’s Day is on a school day, students would give each other roses and Valentine’s day cards with candy attached to them, even anonymously. For those who are too shy and timid to finally profess their love to their crush, they could even send roses and cards anonymously. During the school day, students would walk around with roses and Valentine’s gifts in their hands. Some people think this holiday was created so that companies could make money from unsuspecting romantics, but many would agree that Valentine’s day is full of love nonetheless.

– by Hui Ting Luan ’16