FSSA Welcomes New Cheerleading Squad

FSSA's new cheerleading team takes off.

FSSA’s new cheerleading team takes off.

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts has finally added a cheerleading team to its school.  For all of FSSA’s duration a cheerleading team was sadly never created; however, thanks to Jada Debose and Emilia Llarda, two senior dance majors, a cheerleading team has finally been assembled.

Auditions took place on Monday, November 30th after school in the dance room, with the hopes of finding quality girls to form a successful team. With this new establishment comes aspirations for an increase in school spirit and positive encouragement for FSSA’s sport teams, particularly the boys’ basketball team.

A cheerleading team is an essential component that Frank Sinatra School of the Arts always been  missing. Fortunately, this is where the two senior dancers, Jada Debose and Emilia Llarda, come into play. The boys’ basketball teamed inspired them to create this cheerleading team in which they hope to provide morale and support, which the basketball team seems to lack.

“The basketball team needs spirit and motivation,” Jada stated, in which Emilia absolutely agreed. They seemed very certain that the boys needed an extra boost of ambition which was proven to be true by senior player Dylan Carter.

“We could really use the boost in spirit so hopefully it’ll bring in a bigger crowd,” Dylan said.

Cheerleaders in action at a boys basketball game.

Cheerleaders in action at a boys basketball game.

As this new team was beginning to emerge, many announcements were made along with chatter across FSSA’s halls. As the audition date approach more and more students became aware alongside many who showed genuine interest.

“I think it’s cool that a cheerleading team is finally being made for our school,” Marta Kliszcz, Senior instrumental major, stated.

The auditions  in the dance room were quite successful as well, with an impressive amount of girls who tried out. There was around 20-30 motivated girls who were dressed ready to dance and impress. Most of the girls who tried out were dance majors, with the exceptions of some other majors, ranging from freshmen to seniors.

“I’m trying out because I’m really flexible and I thought it would be a fun experience,” Ariel Barrera, senior art major, said.

This newly made cheer-leading team seems like a great way to boost morale and show profound support. Not only does this team benefit the sport teams it also benefits the girls who are on the team as well. For the most part this team seems to be very beneficial and will hopefully create a positive atmosphere for future FSSA sport games.

“I expect to gain leadership skills, responsibility, and new friends.” Jada Debose, stated. Jada hopes not only to improve the boys’ basketball team morale but also gain some good for herself.

– by Sylvia Gao ’16