SUS Profile


What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

“People automatically think I’m really rude or intimidating, probably because of my piercings and my face in general. When I first speak to people, I’m the sweetest thing ever though!”

What words would you say you would describe yourself with, and what words would your friends describe you with?

“I would describe myself with the words sociable or friendly. For my friends, they would probably describe myself as trusting or funny.”

How would you like to be remembered at this school?

“I would like to be remembered for all of the happy times I’ve had with all of my friends, and all the goodness that I’ve brought to the world. I know people have done bad, but by all means I’ve been positive and trying my best to do good in the world.”

Sasha Perez, senior film major

Interviewed by Philip Errico ’16