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Alejandro Ruiz is a junior instrumental major at FSSA.

Alejandro Ruiz is a junior instrumental major at FSSA.

How do you find balancing your academics and studio? Do you find it difficult? 

“It’s not that it’s difficult because honestly the phrase ‘time management’ becomes a reality. Do I have time to practice? How long will this essay take me to write? Do I have time for ice cream? It all just depends on how you plan your time.”

What do you want to do after high school? Do you plan on staying somewhere within your studio? 

“Honestly, I’m undecided with what I want to do, maybe I’ll become a teacher or maybe I’ll win an Oscar… But honestly, I probably won’t do something with my studio- instrumental- but I can definitely take some things music has taught me and I’ll always strive to keep my title as an “artist” however that may be.”

What do you enjoy about music in general? Do you feel like music helps you express yourself? Any other interests? 

“What I love about music is the outlet it gives you to transfer your emotions onto an instrument composed of woods and strings. I do feel that music expresses who I am because when I play I’m in control and the sound I produce shows who I am. As for other interests, I’m really interested in acting and I’m taking acting classes. Maybe one day I’ll be the next Amy Poller. I will be, trust me.”

Alejandro Ruiz – Junior at FSSA, Instrumental Major

– by Jayda Molina