SUS Profile

Elias Gacem, Junior Film Major.

Elias Gacem, Junior Film Major.

1. What is your lifelong goal?

“My goal in life is to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do and achieve my personal legend. Also achieving things that make me happy in life.

2. Who is your favorite person?

“My favorite person would be my best friend because my best friend is my number one inspiration and motivation to continue living to the fullest of my expectations. He is also always there so I can depend on him and get personal help from him when I need it.”

3. What do you do after school?

“After school I usually go and hangout with my friends around the neighborhood or I go and play soccer with my school friends. If I don’t do either I go home and start my homework.”

Elias Gacem, Junior Film

– by Sylvia Gao ’16