Men’s Vocal Ensemble: We Can Too

The Men's Vocal Ensemble strive for perfection.

The Men’s Vocal Ensemble strive for perfection.

Walking through the silent halls of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts the sound of an unfamiliar deep melody echoes through to those who listen. In room 405 magic is being created by the voices of various young men.

The Men’s vocal ensemble is a very recently created elective at Frank Sinatra School of The Arts. It is a men’s acapella group put together by one of the vocal studio teachers, Ms.Best.With many seniors and a few underclassmen, the diverse voices in this ensemble showcases a group of talented musicians, who demonstrate love and dedication for their art.

“Well my expectations, especially because it’s the first guy acapella group, it’s got to be high, up to par, especially with the women’s, because they have a rep, we got to keep up, hopefully pass them.” Nelson Rivera, a sophomore vocal major stated.

With a bit of competitiveness Nelson delves into the idea that as a freshman he had hoped for such a group, but was disappointed to discover that it was offered but only for the girls. Now to be given the opportunity, and as the only sophomore, he believes it’s a way to showcase what the men are capable of.

“I feel like a big misconception is that you need women for a choir, but you don’t. I feel that this empowers men, because we are able to sing high and low notes, and this allows us todemonstrate our range,” Pierce Vencer, a senior Vocal major said. He goes on to project his opinion on the ability of men to sing with emotion.

Describing the vocal capacity of the singers in the men’s ensemble as exquisite, Christian Castro, another Senior Vocal Major, also touches on the ability of men vocalists.

“Although women have more natural ability to sing higher notes, and it doesn’t really always work with guys, we do pretty well and we’re picking up on what we need to know,” he says. Christian goes on to talk about his future views of the ensemble saying that he believes it will be a success.

With only a handful of days of practice under their belt, the transition from imperfect to improved will mold into perfection. And on stage they will be like the “Treble Makers fromPitch Perfect” as Christian described, instead this time they’ll be called The Men’s Vocal Ensemble from Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.

– by Gislaine Garcia ’16