The Annual Show of 1,000 Screams Comes Back in Full Force

All studios participated in the annual Halloween show this year.

All studios participated in the annual Halloween show this year.

Darkness fills the void space. An innocent girl stands alone. Her only intention was to go home – now, she is held in the dark by the hands of a serial killer. A knife raises slowly above her, and glimmers within the small amount of light creating their silhouettes. The girl turns around, screams at the top of her lungs, while the knife goes down towards her chest.

“CUT!!!” yells a man offstage. Lights immediately turn on all around the victim and the knife-wielding figure. A stage is exposed. The scene has been a success.

The annual Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Halloween Show has always been a production of stressful emotions, mixed media, and performances worth a thousand screams.

Mr. Cacciola Price, director and teacher of dramatics within the exposition, says that the Halloween showcase this year is the most experimental show we’ve had yet.


Students rehearse for the show.

Students rehearse for the show.

“It’s just about fun and entertainment. The drama studio, dance studio, step team, and the show’s newest addition, the film studio will be participating in the show this year,” Mr. Cacciola Price said.

The performance itself is being shown a day before Halloween, and all students within FSSA are invited to view it.

“Drama’s involvement is different. It’s student created,” says Andre Vazquez, director of technical production. “The show isn’t curricular, so there isn’t a lot of time to rehearse and create for it. It’s a lot to do in a very short amount of time, and squeezing it in to classtime is based on how the teachers want to do it. Because it’s student-run, when you try to create stories and ideas, it may be hard for students to agree on an idea.”  

Many students are working hard on their pieces on a daily basis, during afterschool time, and during their own time as well. This year, the entire halloween show is centered around the idea of classic and modern horror movies.

“The old throwbacks to horror movies are great. We have Carrie, The Exorcist, The Strangers, Paranormal Activity and many more as inspirations for the students within each studio,” says Kayla Odom, a student in the drama studio. “We’re working very hard at every second of free time we have to make sure this show is entertaining, but also, scary.”

The show of horrors will be starting off the show season for FSSA. The combination of all the studios creates a terrifying, but also fun way for all the students to interact and have a chance to be creative and experimental. As Mr. Vasquez turns on the audio board in the main theater, clicking numerous buttons and knobs during the show’s tech rehearsal, he states: “It’s going to surprise people – we never included certain aspects other years, and I’m sure that this show is bound to be a hit.”

– by Philip Errico 16